Salesforce E-Commerce Platform

Sell Anything, From Anywhere, at Anytime with Apttus B2B E-Commerce on Salesforce

The Benefits of Apttus B2B E-Commerce on Salesforce CRM

The Apttus B2B E-Commerce Platform on Salesforce enables any type of business to create a truly omni-channel buying experience, connecting all the dots between online and in-person experiences. No matter the product, type and size of business, or sales structure, Apttus B2B E-commerce empowers customers to engage with your business whenever and wherever they desire, ensuring total brand consistency and an enhanced customer experience. Powered by the trusted Salesforce platform and accessible within Salesforce CRM, Apttus B2B E-Commerce can be utilized by any company to drive omni-channel sales.

The Seamless Integration of Salesforce CRM with a B2B E-Commerce Solution

Sell Anywhere, No Matter the Product with Apttus B2B E-Commerce

Even if you sell to businesses, the majority of your customers want to do their shopping online. In fact, 93% prefer to buy online when they’ve decided what to buy and just need to make the purchase. Enable them to do so anywhere, at any time, regardless of product type or complexity. With Salesforce E-Commerce software, you can put your products in your customers’ hands—no matter where or when they are ready to buy.

Salesforce E-Commerce Platform
Salesforce E-Commerce

Integrate Promotions Across channels

Accelerate B2B E-Commerce sales cycles and influence buying behaviors by making it easy for customers to find exactly what they need. Selectively show the most relevant products, services and bundles, and close more sales through the effective use of relevant promotions and rebates. Leverage robust analytics to identify and surface the exact product and pricing triggers that keep your customers coming back for more. Speed up sales cycles and improve average deal sizes using enhanced promotions, sales compensation, rebates and alerts applicable to every stage of sales cycles.
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Ensure an Agile Selling Channel Strategy

Multi-channel businesses need flexibility to sell and communicate with each of their audiences differently. Provide self-service or partner quoting portals tailored to each of your channels’ needs. Keep all your channels up to date with correct product and pricing information with ease when your Salesforce E-commerce platform is powered by the Apttus Intelligent Cloud™.

increase omni-channel sales with b2b e-commerce

Gain Total Salesforce E-Commerce Visibility

Gain total visibility into your channels with analytics fueled by the real-time activities using advanced intelligence available on the Apttus Intelligent Cloud™. Track product and pricing trends and analyze sales rates and revenue performance to meet goals. Uncover your bottlenecks and remove barriers to sales to truly transform the way you do business.