Salesforce Excel Connector

Massively boost Salesforce productivity in every department

What is a Salesforce Excel Connector

Connect Salesforce and Excel to get the best of both worlds: the security and collaboration of Salesforce and the flexibility and power of Excel. Continue working in the Excel interface, but now with Salesforce security and control.

Bridging the Gap between Salesforce and Excel

Users love the convenience and flexibility of Excel. Managers love the collaboration and security of Salesforce. With X-Author by Apttus, everyone can use the tools they want. X-Author saves time, prevents data errors, and improves processes with seamless Salesforce integration.

Organizations around the world use X-Author for Opportunity management, Campaign management, quoting, promotions, budgeting, pricing, project management, and much more.

Salesforce Plugin

X-Author turns Excel into the user interface for Salesforce. Now Salesforce users can update data, create formulas, and run analytics right from Excel.

Stop copying and pasting data across spreadsheets or to and from Salesforce. Replace these manual processes with X-Author by using Excel as a Salesforce plugin. As each user saves data, Salesforce immediately updates and data can be accessed by Salesforce reporting and dashboard tools.

• Create and update Salesforce records from Excel
• Reduce time users spend updating Salesforce by 90%

Salesforce Excel Connector Screenshot

Salesfore Add-In

Add the power of Excel to Salesforce. Users can create formulas and macros in Excel and load the results to Salesforce with one click. X-Author also adds Chatter to Excel so users can collaborate in real time.

X-Author combines the best of Excel and Salesforce in a single platform, allowing users and Administrators to be more productive.

• Run Excel formulas and macros in Salesforce
• Build logic and calculations in Excel and easily use results in Salesforce
• Use Salesforce picklists in Excel

Salesforce Excel Integration

The security of business data and processes is vastly improved when Salesforce enterprise controls govern the accessibility, use, and storage of data.

Instead of tracking which user has which version of a spreadsheet, Salesforce centralizes the templates, which are accessible based on permissions. Everyone automatically has the most up-to-date version of a specific template. Data security is also vastly improved because data is centralized, instead of spread across users’ drives.

• Adhere to all Salesforce rules, permissions, and workflows in Excel
• Ensure greater version control and visibility

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