Salesforce Data Migration Software

Migrate data between Salesforce orgs 80% faster

Salesforce Data Migration Tool

X-Author is the fastest, easiest, and most reliable tool for Salesforce data migration between orgs. X-Author enables Administrators to migrate Salesforce data with complete visibility and in record time.

Challenges of Salesforce Data Migration Software

The process of transferring data between storage types, formats or systems can be laborious when using traditional tools like the Data Loader. Users can only work on one object at a time and need to manually insert related record IDs in the target organization, a process which is both slow and error-prone. Admins will run into challenges, such as intensive programming, complex data mapping, or data residing in Excel spreadsheets. In order to create a system with clean data, Admin need an efficient process with automation where it makes sense, to help drive business further and faster.

• No programming or Apex code
• CRUD for unlimited objects simultaneously

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salesforce data migration tool Screenshot

The Salesforce Data Migration Software Solution

X-Author greatly accelerates the data migration between sandbox or production CRM organizations. It processes data from all objects simultaneously and automates the association of record IDs in related object records. It produces a far more reliable outcome and the data migration can be repeated anytime without additional maintenance. Using X-Author for Excel’s underlying technology, data migration is executed natively in Excel. X-Author also supports selective data migration, data cleansing and data masking. No programming is required and the data migration templates are easily created and maintained.

• Reusuable templates across Salesforce organizations
• Powered by X-Author for Excel

Build Data Migration Apps in Minutes

X-Author’s Data Migration Wizard enables a one-of-a-kind data migration experience. Avoid error-prone, manual data migration app building and free up time for testing. Not only can migration apps be easily built between orgs, but also the Wizard supports migrations between CRM systems, like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The Wizard enables data migration apps to be powerful, reusable and shareable to produce the easiest and most flexible data migration experience.

• Automatically understands lookup fields and external IDs
• Automatically calculates dependencies on objects

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streamlined salesforce data migration software has many benefits

Benefits for Excel and Salesforce Data Migration Software

Migrating data between Salesforce organizations is tedious when restricted to one object at a time, or when manually inserting data in the target org. Speed up migration by 80% and limit errors using Excel as an alternative interface for Salesforce.

• Migrate unlimited objects simultaneously
• Migrate data between Salesforce orgs 80% faster

Capabilities for Excel and Salesforce Data Migration Software

Data migration templates are easy to create and maintain with Excel – no programming is required. The same template can be used for data downloads and uploads across Salesforce orgs.

Select any number of objects across multiple hierarchies during a single migration. Data from all objects can be downloaded together from the source org and uploaded simultaneously into the target org. Related record inserts are handled seamlessly without having to copy and paste record IDs.

Include all or a subset of data from any object, and all associated related object records will be automatically included in the migration.

• Automatically migrate related record IDs
• Migrate any number of objects across multiple hierarchies

salesforce data migration software

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