The Most Critical Process for Your Business to Master

Make Customers the Focus of Your Revenue Strategy

It’s a customer-centric world. And the ability to accommodate your buyer’s needs in today’s digital landscape requires more than a simple tweaking of your internal processes; it requires total transformation of the way you go from Quote-to-Cash.
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Quote-to-Cash—Your Most Critical Business Process

Quote-to-Cash is the process of driving revenue for your organization. It starts with your buyer’s intention to buy, and ends with cash in the bank for your organization.

Quote-to-Cash Drives Innovation Through Your Organization

Quote-to-Cash touches every department, every channel, and every customer. When Quote-to-Cash is managed correctly, businesses are empowered to confidently adopt new business models, predict quarter outcomes, and meet increasingly complex customer demands—without introducing delays or risk.

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What is Quote-to-Cash?

Quote-to-Cash connects a customer’s intent to buy and a company’s realization of revenue, and encompasses the entirety of your sales, contract, and customer relationship lifecycles. Because Quote-to-Cash is at the heart of your business, it is the most critical process for your business to master.
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What Happens When You Master Quote-to-Cash?

Drive Sales Results Across All Channels

When sales reps, partners and customers have channel-specific—and up-to-date—product and pricing information, they can quickly configure, price, and quote even the most complex products and services. When your Legal and Financial guidelines are automatically upheld in deals, it’s easy to slash sales and contracting cycle times, and ensure compliance with all existing agreements and financial regulations. When you put it all together, your whole business can maximize margins, eliminate sales complexity, and grow revenue through all your channels—including your E-Commerce storefront.

Enable Contracting Excellence

A connected Quote-to-Cash process means that quotes automatically include the latest legal language, contracts automatically pull pricing terms from your quotes, and invoices capture accurate information about the products that need to be delivered, so your whole business is connected and compliant. What’s even better, is that Legal gets the visibility to make strategic recommendations that help the business reduce revenue leakage, legal risks and operating costs.

Keep Customers Coming Back for More

When your sales teams have full visibility into purchased products, expiring contracts, and most likely upsell or cross-sell opportunities, it’s easy to grow recurring revenue. Improve your ability to drive customer retention, capture—and create—renewal opportunities, and be easy to work with at every touch point.

Connect the Dots—From Quote-to-Invoice

Managing your entire revenue process—from product and service configuration, pricing, quote creation, contract negotiation and execution, to invoicing, billing, orders, revenue recognition and renewals—in one place gives you the competitive advantage of having a true 360-degree understanding of your customer, so you can optimize every touchpoint.

Make an Impact–No Matter Your Business or Industry

Whether you’re in High-Tech, Manfacturing, Financial Services, or Communications, a connected Quote-to-Cash process can help you grow sales revenues, maintain margins, and eliminate business risk. Whether you’re big or small, you can achieve back office agility, drive omni-channel excellence and put customers at the center of your revenue strategy.

Works with any CRM including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics

With the Apttus Quote-to-Cash, companies of all sizes can utilize the most advanced and innovative Quote-to-Cash solution available anywhere to drive higher revenue no matter what front office CRM or back office ERP software they would like to use. Our Quote-to-Cash solution is built for enterprise requirements and integrates with leading CRM software, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, and ERP software, including Workday, SAP, Oracle, and NetSuite, enabling our customers to choose the application vendors that best meet their needs. Apttus Quote-to-Cash is best-in-class and relied upon by leading global brands to shorten sales cycles, improve close rates, increase average order sizes, and drive optimal business outcomes.

Accelerate Your Business with Apttus Quote-to-Cash and Quote-to-Contract Editions

Now transforming the Quote-to-Cash process is simpler than ever with Apttus Quote-to-Cash and Quote-to-Contract Editions.


Complete tools to manage enterprise Quote-to-Cash processes

For organizations seeking full solution configuration, pricing, quoting, contract creation, obligations management and revenue management capabilities.


Advanced tools to manage the most sophisticated Quote-to-Cash processes

For organizations with more sophisticated needs such as complex approval processes, mass renewals management, and transaction compliance.


Achieve full automation of sales processes to increase revenue results

For business seeking complete and accurate configuration, pricing, quoting, contract creation and obligations management capabilities.


Achieve total control of sales processes with advanced capabilities

For organizations with more sophisticated needs such as complex approval processes,
mass renewals, mass contract amendments, and partner commerce.

Quote-to-Cash Is Your Most Important Business Process

At the end of the day, your company’s success is measured by how much revenue you have generated. Other important measurements include “how fast” you generated that revenue and at “what cost?” The entire sales, contracting, and revenue management processes, known as Quote-to-Cash, connects your customer’s intent to buy with your company’s realization of revenue. How effectively and efficiently you master your Quote-to-Cash processes will determine your ultimate success in revenue generation. The Apttus Quote-to-Cash Edition combines Apttus Configure Price Quote, Contract Management and Revenue Management applications into a single license making it easier than ever to purchase a fully integrated, single data model, common user interface solution for Quote-to-Cash business transformation. With Apttus Quote-to-Cash Edition, you’ll master your entire revenue-generation process to sell more intelligently, outsell competitors, and raise your performance in the marketplace.

Close More Deals Faster with Quote-to-Contract Software

The deal isn’t done until the contract is signed. If you are trying to maximize revenue, then you want to ensure that your Quote-to-Contract processes are as effective and efficient as possible. So why would you treat sales and contracting as separate processes? Companies that approach their Quote-to-Contract process as an integrated whole gain enormous advantages in deal speed, quote and contract accuracy, and visibility to their sales cycles, leading to real business results including more revenue, more renewals, and better performance against competition. The Apttus Quote-to-Contract Edition combines the award-winning Apttus Configure Price Quote and Contract Management applications to seamlessly connect your sales and contract processes into a single, efficient revenue-creation machine, so you can win deals faster, sell more to each customer, and keep customers for life.

Solutions for Industries

Financial Services
Life Sciences
High Tech

Solutions for the Entire Organization

Persona_CLM_SalesSuper-charge Your Sales

Quote-to-Cash makes it easy for the entire organization to collaborate around revenue cycles, while putting the customer relationship front-and-center. Eliminate all bottlenecks and barriers to closed deals with up-to-date product and pricing information, and automated quoting, contracting, orders and renewals. View all your data in one place to get actionable insight into revenue risks and drivers, and forge a clearer path to quota.

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quote-to-cash-solutions-sales-operationsSmooth the Path to Win More Deals

Sales Operations teams often struggle to provide the infrastructure that keeps sales reps selling and decision-makers informed. Apttus automates the entire sales process in one system so you can get a 360 degree view of pipeline, and make the right moves to ensure Sales provides products and pricing that fits customers’ needs. Make internal approvals frictionless and deliver 100% accurate quotes before the competition to drive close rates and revenue.

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Persona_CLM_ITStreamline Business Operations on One Platform

Lower your total cost of ownership and increase the stickiness of Salesforce by bringing more departments onto the platform and streamlining processes across Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Legal. Clicks-not-code administration makes Apttus easy to maintain, the the secure and familiar cloud business platform drives productivity and adoption.

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quote-to-cash-solutions-financeBetter Visibility for Better Financial Strategy

Get the inputs you need to improve performance across your entire organization. With full visibility into product data, pricing, quotes, and contracts, your teams can forecast and report more accurately, while making better informed decisions about the discounts, rebates, and non-standard contract terms that can impact revenue and margins.

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quote-to-cash-solutions-legalMake Compliance a Differentiator

By managing contracts in the context of Quote-to-Cash, Legal can bring visibility and control to the contract process without sacrificing speed and agility. Centralize all your contracts in the world’s most secure cloud platform, and make Legal a strategic player in closing deals and growing revenue.

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quote-to-cash-solutions-marketingCreate 1-1 Relationships and Brand Consistency

Modern marketing is a data-driven exercise. A connected Quote-to-Cash process helps you connect the dots between promotions, sales funnels, and revenue, while ensuring consistent and strategic positioning, pricing and messaging for all your products across all channels.

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Quote-to-Cash Expertise

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