The World’s #1 CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Solution​

Reinvent How You Sell—Across All Your Channels

Apttus is “A Leader” In The Forrester Wave™ for ​Configure-Price-Quote Solutions, Q1 2017

“Apttus is best suited for Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics customers looking to address all aspects of the Quote-to-Cash process as well as B2B companies looking to embark ​
on an E-Commerce strategy.”​

CPQ System That Works with Any CRM Giving You Tremendous Flexibility

With CPQ on the Apttus Intelligent Cloud™, companies of all sizes can utilize the most advanced and innovative CPQ software available anywhere to drive higher revenue no matter what CRM they would like to use. Powered by the world’s most trusted cloud platforms including Salesforce and Microsoft Azure, Apttus CPQ can be accessed within any of the world’s most popular CRM solutions including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Leveraging clicks, not code, Apttus CPQ is part of a Quote-to-Cash suite that is best-in-class and relied upon by leading global brands to drive optimal business outcomes while maintaining IT flexibility.

What is CPQ?

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) systems help your channels close bigger deals faster with visibility into the latest product and pricing information, and the ability to quote quickly—from any device. With built-in analytics and intuitive workflows, your reps and partners can discount smarter, run faster than the competition, and be easy to do business with—no matter how complex your business becomes.

The Benefits of CPQ

Speed Deal Cycles & Close More Deals with CPQ

Shorten deal cycles by quickly and easily directing reps to the best products and pricing for your customers. Eliminate delays from manual errors, approval backlogs or out-of-date product and pricing information. Respond to customers from anywhere with mobile quoting. Guided Selling  intuitively navigates sales reps through complex product catalogs and specialized pricing to create quotes that will close the deal.

Apttus CPQ Customers reported:

  • • 38% Faster Time-to-Quote.
  • • 34% Faster Deal Closure.
  • • 30% Increase in Win Rate.

Increase Deal Size with CPQ

Maximize deal size with cross-sell and up-sell recommendations while configuring products that precisely align to prospects’ and customers’ preferences. Protect margins and eliminate rogue discounting with deal scoring and automatic approvals. Drive customers to buy more with targeted promotions and automated renewal ordering. Optimize pricing and incentivize your team to increase sales and your bottom line.

Manage Your CPQ Process with Max

Salespeople spend less than 22% of their time actually selling. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help your reps get more time for selling. Max is the world’s first and only Quote-to-Cash virtual assistant uniquely designed to manage any aspect of your Quote-to-Cash process. Max helps organizations create optimal deals, configure solutions, prepare quotes, update contracts, manage discounting and pricing and manage many other user functions. Max listens to voice commands, understands texts, and even interacts with salespeople in augmented reality environments.

Now the Quote-to-Cash process is social, mobile, virtual, conversational and easier than ever.

Automate Sales Across Channels and Locations With CPQ

Close more deals faster whether you are direct selling from HQ through partner channels or an E-Commerce website. Efficiently manage the different product, pricing and proposal needs across channels so every quote is 100% accurate, no matter where it is going. Whether you’re company is large or small, you can scale with ease as your sales strategy evolves and your teams grow.

Analyze Sales Performance in Real Time

Gain total visibility into your sales process with analytics fueled by the real-time activities of your sales team. Track product and pricing trends and analyze acceptance rates and revenue performance to meet sales goals. Uncover your bottlenecks, streamline approvals and remove barriers to deals to truly transform the way you do business.

Easily Use and Administer CPQ

Apttus CPQ enables agility and drives adoption of your existing infrastructure. The CPQ Admin Console allows admin’s to quickly and easily manage products, rules, and advanced pricing from one page with clicks, not code. Personalize user interfaces to make CPQ easy and intuitive, or connect to Apttus’ unique X-Author technology so teams can work in Excel and CRM at the same time. Manage even enterprise-class product catalogs and pricing easily, and rely on the strength and security of the Apttus Intelligent Cloud.

Accelerate Business Growth with Connected Quotes and Contracts

Now transforming the Quote-to-Contract process is simpler than ever with Apttus Quote-to-Contract Editions. The Apttus Quote-to-Contract Editions combine the award-winning Apttus Configure Price Quote and Contract Management applications into one license to make it easier than ever to purchase a solution to seamlessly connect your sales and contract processes into a single, efficient revenue-creation machine, so you can win deals faster, sell more to each customer, and keep customers for life.

Solve Compliance With ASC 606 Guidelines for Revenue Recognition

ASC 606/IFRS 15 guides that performance obligations be identified and transaction prices determined. The Price List defined for the CPQ process, and assets-owned when a quote is accepted and a purchase is made at a specific price define that obligation for which revenue recognition will occur. CPQ, as a part of an end-to-end Quote-to-Cash solution, captures the essential information from the quotes turned orders which identify performance obligations.

A Complete Solution For Quote-to-Cash Business Transformation

The Apttus Quote-to-Cash Editions combine the award-winning Apttus Configure Price Quote, Contract Management and Revenue Management applications into a single license allowing you to drive revenue more effectively with a fully integrated, single data model, common user interface solution for Quote-to-Cash. With Apttus Quote-to-Cash, you can master your entire revenue-generation process to sell more intelligently, outsell competitors, and raise your performance in the marketplace.

Harness Market Leading Speed and Power

Apttus CPQ delivers Snap Performance, a new evolution of software and cloud platform improvements that increase the speed of CPQ operations by up to 90 percent. Apttus Snap Performance provides Enterprise-level revenue operations lightning-speed application actions, no longer constrained by platform performance limitations, allowing users to create fast, accurate quoting.

Apttus Snap Performance leverages many forward-thinking innovations, resulting in application performance leadership:

  • • Enhanced cart performance through Angular Grid UI now enables fast scrolling through enterprise-size carts, quick searching and pricing.
  • • Intelligently distributed processing away from the CRM platform delivers a 90% faster response.
  • • Apttus microservices enable capabilities ranging from rapid type-forward search to actionable business intelligence powered by machine learning.

Experience Greater Customer Success With Apttus Configure Price Quote

When you partner with Apttus, you become a member of the world’s largest community of Quote-to-Cash leaders, achievers and motivators—including experienced CRM administrators, domain experts and CRM MVPs—who can help you grow your own expertise and deliver more value no matter your role. Get the most from Apttus by engaging with our online community, participating in one of our advanced training workshops, or joining over 3,000 Quote-to-Cash experts from Sales, Finance, Legal and IT at our annual user conference, Apttus Accelerate.

Leverage Your SAP VC Investment In The Front Office

Seamlessly connect Apttus Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) with your SAP Variant Configurator (VC). With Apttus Connector for SAP VC, your sales reps can work in the fast, intuitive interface of Apttus CPQ while your order management and fulfillment teams can get accurate, up-to-date quote and order information. Eliminate gaps, errors and redundancies between your front- and back-end systems by seamlessly connecting with the Apttus Connector for SAP Variant Configurator.

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Solutions for the Entire Organization

Persona_CLM_SalesSuper-charge Your Sales

Quote-to-Cash makes it easy for the entire organization to collaborate around revenue cycles, while putting the customer relationship front-and-center. Eliminate all bottlenecks and barriers to closed deals with up-to-date product and pricing information, and automated quoting, contracting, orders and renewals. View all your data in one place to get actionable insight into revenue risks and drivers, and forge a clearer path to quota.

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quote-to-cash-solutions-sales-operationsSmooth the Path to Win More Deals

Sales Operations teams often struggle to provide the infrastructure that keeps sales reps selling and decision-makers informed. Apttus automates the entire sales process in one system so you can get a 360 degree view of pipeline, and make the right moves to ensure Sales provides products and pricing that fits customers’ needs. Make internal approvals frictionless and deliver 100% accurate quotes before the competition to drive close rates and revenue.

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Persona_CLM_ITStreamline Business Operations on One Platform

Lower your total cost of ownership and increase the stickiness of your CRM by bringing more departments onto the platform and streamlining processes across Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Legal. Clicks-not-code administration makes Apttus easy to maintain, the the secure and familiar cloud business platform drives productivity and adoption.

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quote-to-cash-solutions-financeBetter Visibility for Better Financial Strategy

Get the inputs you need to improve performance across your entire organization. With full visibility into product data, pricing, quotes, and contracts, your teams can forecast and report more accurately, while making better informed decisions about the discounts, rebates, and non-standard contract terms that can impact revenue and margins.

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quote-to-cash-solutions-legalMake Compliance a Differentiator

By managing contracts in the context of Quote-to-Cash, Legal can bring visibility and control to the contract process without sacrificing speed and agility. Centralize all your contracts in the world’s most secure cloud platform, and make Legal a strategic player in closing deals and growing revenue.

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quote-to-cash-solutions-marketingCreate 1-1 Relationships and Brand Consistency

Modern marketing is a data-driven exercise. A connected Quote-to-Cash process helps you connect the dots between promotions, sales funnels, and revenue, while ensuring consistent and strategic positioning, pricing and messaging for all your products across all channels.

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