Apttus Intelligent Import

Accurately and Quickly Migrate Contracts into Apttus CLM

Contract migration from old filing systems into a new contract management system is a critical step—yet it can be time-consuming and costly, and is often completed outside your direct control. This process of migrating legacy contracts—and importing new contracts over time—is a barrier to achieving the full value of contract management.

Apttus Intelligent Import automates the migration of any number of contracts from legacy systems and formats into your Apttus Contract Management repository. Apttus Intelligent Import makes contract migration significantly faster and more reliable, increasing the ROI you achieve from your Apttus CLM solution.

Key Capabilities

Proven Technology: Trusted by hundreds of global businesses

Innovative: Advances in machine learning and language processing enable fast, accurate import

Unlimited: Ideal for importing one contract or thousands of documents

Secure and Compliant: Meets data residency and privacy standards

Contract Migration Benefits

Comply with New Regulations: Accounting rules such as IFRS 15/ASC 606: Revenue from Contracts with Customers, and new industry regulations, require your business to track every contract obligation.

Prepare for Uncertainty: Events such as Brexit may upend your contractual relationships, requiring you to locate specific agreements for fast changes to contract language.

Negotiate with Options: All language used in past agreements is available for alternate and fallback language.

Full Visibility: Report on obligations, clause usage and outcomes for all legacy contracts and achieve new business insights.