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Apttus Is “A Leader” In The Forrester Wave for Contract Life-Cycle Management, Q3 2016

“Apttus offers a leading CLM product with buy-side and sell-side products. Its product is very strong across all stages of the CLM lifecycle.”

What is Contract Management?

Contract Management software from Apttus lets Legal teams bring visibility and control to the contract lifecycle management process without standing in the way of revenue. Accelerated contract lifecycles keep your Sales teams ahead of the competition – centralized legal playbooks and audit trails keep you 100% compliant.

The Benefits of Contract Management

Contract Management Software that Reduces Risk and Increases Sales

The simple fact is that outdated contract processes hurt your entire business. The Legal team struggles to handle heavy workloads with manual tools, and Sales can’t close deals fast enough. Finance can’t see critical obligations or ensure proper approvals, while Operations tries to hold everything together. Apttus Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) gives Legal and Finance teams the visibility and control of contracts they need, while enabling the Sales organization to close more deals faster and Operations teams to report on contracts with ease. With Apttus CLM, every team saves time and works together smoothly, powering the entire company to faster deal cycles, greater innovation and more revenue.

The Trusted Leader in Contract Management

Apttus CLM is trusted by hundreds of the world’s largest, most complex and most regulated businesses, yet is also accessible to emerging organizations. More than a million individuals worldwide use Apttus CLM in more than 40 languages, making Apttus the world’s #1 Contract Management app. Apttus CLM is built on the Apttus Intelligent Cloud™, a flexible and scalable end-to-end Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that meets the most stringent requirements for security, privacy and data residency. The Apttus Intelligent Cloud™ runs on the world’s most trusted cloud platforms including Salesforce and Microsoft Azure making it easy to implement, configure, administer, maintain and scale. And the Apttus Intelligent Cloud™ is fully integrated with the world’s most popular CRM systems including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Accelerate the Sales Cycle with Contract Management Software

Apttus CLM helps Sales teams close more deals faster. Sales professionals love contract request wizards and pre-approved templates because they make it simpler than ever to create any contract. With highly configurable and mobile approvals, built-in workflows and e-Signature integration getting contracts approved and signed has never been easier and faster. Apttus CLM is quickly adopted by Sales organizations, and it’s no wonder with average results like 42% increase in contract processing volume, 42% faster contract processing, and 17% more contracts auto-renewed.

Increase Legal Productivity with a Contract Management System

Apttus CLM includes X-Author for Contracts, which gives Legal teams the best of both worlds: the familiarity of Microsoft Word and the enterprise performance of Apttus CLM. Using X-Author for Contracts, Legal can manage the entire contract lifecycle from Microsoft Word. Legal teams can author templates and clauses in Word to create secure and auditable legal playbooks. Advanced reconciliation features ensure that Legal never misses a redline. Built-in Apttus Intelligent Workflow Approvals ensure total compliance with company policies, even during drawn-out negotiations. Integration with leading CRM systems including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 ensures that information in the contract document and CRM system are always in sync. Proven outcomes include 37% improvement in compliance and 31% greater accuracy.

Perfect Sales and Procurement Contracts

With Apttus you don’t need multiple solutions for your contracts. Benefit from a single enterprise contract management solution that is ideal for both buy-side and sell-side contracts. When using Apttus CLM for sell-side contracts, connect seamlessly to Apttus CPQRevenue Management and e-Signature for maximum selling efficiency. When using Apttus for buy-side contracts, trust Apttus Source-to-Pay for a streamlined procurement process.

Get to ROI Faster with Apttus Intelligent Import

Now that you have a new Apttus CLM system, don’t let your old contracts gather dust. Get them into Apttus accurately and quickly with Apttus Intelligent Import, so you can manage renewals, address compliance needs and be ready for legal actions and other risks when they arise. Achieve faster ROI from your contract management software with a proven contract migration solution built in the Apttus Intelligent Cloud™.

Only Apttus Can Enable Full Contract Management Maturity

Contract management starts with a secure contract repository, but it’s so much more. The more fully you adopt business transformation with contract management, the more return on investment your business will realize. Only Apttus focuses on contracts as a driver of value across your business. Apttus offers the innovative, patented X-Author technology to power negotiating advantage and easy contract authoring. Apttus CLM is the only contract management software fully integrated into an end-to-end Quote-to-Cash solution.

Solve Compliance With ASC 606 Guidelines for Revenue Recognition

ASC 606/IFRS 15 requires that companies identify what constitutes a contract with a customer. A complete contract management solution, as a part of an end-to-end Quote-to-Cash solution, captures the essential information from the agreements which identify performance obligations. Virtually every company must comply this year with ASC 606/IFRS 15 regulations.

Machine Learning Powers Intelligent Contract Management

Only Apttus offers machine learning to recommend relevant, intelligent actions that make your contract management processes more effective. Boost productivity with recommendations that guide sellers and contract specialists to the right templates and clauses. Reduce risk with risk ratings and recommendations for alternate clauses and terms to reduce exposure. Speed up cycle times with predictive intelligence and recommendations that reduce contract cycle times.

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Meet Max, the World’s First Virtual Assistant for CLM

Max is the first and only virtual assistant uniquely designed to manage all aspects of your contract management process. Max empowers you to interact with Apttus CLM in a natural, conversational way using the tools you are familiar with. Max listens to voice commands, understands texts and emails, interacts through popular messaging applications and much more. Now using contract management software is faster, more intuitive and easier than ever.

Connected Quotes And Contracts Accelerate Business Growth

Combining Apttus contract management software and Apttus Configure Price Quote multiplies the benefits of these leading enterprise applications. The Apttus Quote-to-Contract Editions combine the award-winning Apttus Configure Price Quote and Contract Management applications into one license to make it easier than ever to purchase a solution to seamlessly connect your sales and contract processes into a single, efficient revenue-creation machine, so you can win deals faster, sell more to each customer and keep customers for life.

A Complete Solution For Quote-to-Cash Business Transformation

The Apttus Quote-to-Cash Editions combine the award-winning Apttus Configure Price Quote, Contract Management and Revenue Management applications into a single license allowing you to drive revenue more effectively with a fully integrated, single data model, common user interface solution for Quote-to-Cash. With Apttus Quote-to-Cash, you can master your entire revenue-generation process to sell more intelligently, outsell competitors and raise your performance in the marketplace.

Customer Success Comes Easy With the Apttus Contract Management System

When you partner with Apttus, you become a member of the world’s largest community of Quote-to-Cash leaders, achievers and motivators. Get the most from Apttus by engaging with our online community, participating in one of our advanced training workshops, or joining over 3,000 Quote-to-Cash experts from Sales, Finance, Legal and IT at our annual user conference, Apttus Accelerate.

Contract Management That Works with Any CRM Including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

With Contract Management on the Apttus Intelligent Cloud™, companies of all sizes can utilize the most advanced and innovative contract management software available anywhere to accelerate deals and eliminate risks. The Apttus Intelligent Cloud™ is powered by the world’s most trusted cloud platforms including Salesforce and Microsoft Azure and can be accessed within the world’s most popular CRM solutions including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The Apttus Intelligent Cloud™ provides a Quote-to-Cash suite that is best-in-class and relied upon by leading global brands to drive optimal business outcomes.

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Solutions for the Entire Organization

Persona_CLM_SalesGet Deals Done Faster

Don’t let Legal be the reason you miss quota. Speed your sales cycles with self-service contracts; 1-click contract generation, and e-signature; get Legal out of your way with pre-approved contract templates and Legal Playbooks that ensure the most up-to-date language is automatically included in your contracts. With automatic approvals, Legal is no longer a bottleneck to a done deal.

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Persona_CLM_ITGo End-to-End on CRM

In your quest for rapid business innovation, Apttus supports adoption and growth of your existing CRM architecture. Drive security by bringing contract data to the CRM platform, and centralizing all contract activities. Manage all buy-side and sell-side documents together in one place, and get full visibility into the contract lifecycle.

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Persona_CLM_FinanceDrive Margins and Compliance

Poor contract visibility impacts margins. Apttus gives Finance full visibility into agreements, and helps you assess how contract terms (clauses, exceptions, etc.) impact revenue. Capture every dollar from your sales agreements, get a better understanding of your supplier commitments, and eliminate risk exposure for all your agreements.

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Persona_CLM_LegalMake Contracts more Strategic

Get out of the contract weeds and become a strategic player in the organization by centralizing all your contracts in the world’s most secure cloud platform. Improve contract performance with insights into contract cycle times, increase contract security with the world’s most trusted cloud business platform, and standardize the process for routine contracts so you can focus on the exceptions.

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Persona_CLM_ProcurementTake Control Of Your Spend

Get more insight into spend and compliance for all your vendors, no matter how often your business changes. Increase supplier contract efficiency, visibility, and performance, while ensuring traceability, transparency and compliance throughout the entire contract lifecyclewith the world’s most trusted cloud business platform, and standardize the process for routine contracts so you can focus on the exceptions.

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