Artificial Intelligence for
Quote-to-Cash and Contract Management

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Harvard Business Review Conducts Study on Artificial Intelligence

See the Impact of AI on Revenue Generation and Quote-to-Cash

Maximize Your Revenue with Artificial Intelligence

If you’re relying on manual methods and a fragmented commercial processes, you can’t consistently optimize your revenue outcomes. You’re risking revenue leakage, missed renewals, and rogue discounting. Worse yet, you’re unable to exploit artificial intelligence to present data-driven actionable insights at defining moments when you can literally change the revenue outcome for your enterprise.

In order to produce better outcomes, you need an Intelligent Middle Office Platform built on a single data model with artificial intelligence. The End-to-end artificial-intelligence-driven revenue process eliminates manual tasks, keeps all stakeholders informed, collapses cycle times, lowers selling costs, and, above all, provides you with a comprehensive revenue view of the customer that is actionable in real time.

The artificial intelligence capabilities of the Omni Intelligent Middle Office Platform are critical in delivering actionable insights and providing conversational user experiences that complement how we work in today’s social, mobile, virtual world. To that end, we invite you to Meet Max—artificial intelligence for your middle office.

AI Virtual Assistant Screenshots

Conversational User Experiences That Complement How We Work

Max is artificial intelligence for the middle office that enables users to interact with Apttus Omni, our Intelligent Middle Office Platform and other third-party enterprise software via a conversational user interface, such as with text or speech. And Max can be accessed through established channels such as Skype, Slack, and SMS.

Max orchestrates aspects of the Quote-to-Cash, Contract Lifecycle Management and Billing process such as assisting users to create winning quotes, configure optimized products and solutions, update and create smart contracts, manage discounting and pricing that boosts margins, retrieve data, and perform other middle office functions.

Max also orchestrates aspects of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM), process such as creating, updating or searching accounts, contacts, or opportunities.

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Delivering Prescriptive Actions to Influence Positive Outcomes

Max learns from all your middle office data to deliver real-time intelligent recommendations at the moment of action to produce revenue winning outcomes for your enterprise. Examples include intelligent cross-sell/upsell guidance, pricing optimization, and intelligent import of contract data. Max delivers prescriptive actions, bringing relevant data to bear to influence a positive outcome, such as identifying revenue opportunities for a given customer based on evolving buying patterns of other customers.

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AI Virtual Assistant Devices Interface Accessibility

Reinvent the Way You Sell With Artificial Intelligence

Innovative sales leaders have reinvented the selling experience for their teams by applying artificial intelligence to sales processes. These enterprises are gaining improvements in new leads, cross-sells/up-sells, and sales cycle times by a factor of five or more. By capitalizing on the power of applying artificial intelligence to middle office revenue processes, especially information about quotes, contracts, and transactions, these sales leaders are streamlining their global organizations’ revenue practices, increasing sales effectiveness, and improving margins and revenue.

Uncover and Create New Opportunities

Max surfaces and creates new sales and white space opportunities using machine learning analysis.

Optimize the Configure, Price and Quote Process

Max captures and transfers the best practices of leading sellers, like cross-sell / upsell recommendations, helping all sellers to drive faster deal conversion.

Maximize Deal and Renewal Revenue

Max provides insights to sellers at the moment of action such as recommended discount levels to fuel revenue and margin growth.

“Artificial Intelligence (AI) is really going to explode in Quote-to-Cash. And Apttus’ solution is helping Wolters Kluwer realize high impact and high value to the business. The ability for the system to automatically create an opportunity and create a quote in the cart using AI is a tremendous efficient gain for sellers at Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory US.”

Jack Borland, Sales Operations Manager

Drive a Legal Operations Revolution With Artificial Intelligence

With Artificial intelligence from Max, legal decision makers are now able to weigh trade-offs as never before possible, allowing the legal team to execute corporate goals such as accelerated deal velocity and cost savings.

Organizations that combine contract management with artificial intelligence quickly reduce risk and contract cycle time. They also enhance efficiency in drafting agreements and improve negotiating outcomes.

Intelligent Agreement Risk Identification

Identify your business exposure to revenue-related risk in negotiated agreements.  Locate key terms and topics and compare negotiated wording with your agreement templates automatically.

Intelligent Third-Party Paper Automation

Automatically map business terms and clauses in third-party documents to the legal playbook, enabling you to swap language, reconcile drafts and send for approval just as if your team had originally authored the contract. Any perceived disadvantage from accepting third-party paper is eliminated.

Intelligent Contract Cycle Time Reduction

Avoid bottlenecks and reduce the time required to reach contract signature through intelligent cycle time prediction based on your company’s approval process history for agreements with similar characteristics.

Intelligent Clause Recommendations

Reduce risk exposure, streamline negotiations, and increase Legal Ops productivity with alternate word choices, clause recommendations and terms suggestions based on analysis of your legal repository.

“AI is a means, not an end. In our case, we see Max as a way to solve the training and process problem that we have not been able to solve yet.”

Kevin Louie, Sales Systems Manager

Gain the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Get smarter and faster with real-time predictive insights, advanced warnings, and intelligent recommendations from Max.

Faster Task Completion

New Revenue Opportunities

Faster Sales Rep Ramp-up

Decrease in Customer Returns

AI for Contract Management

Why Apttus

Seamless Comprehensive Middle Office Platform

Single Data Model Across the Middle Office

Configurable, Flexible and Agile Platform

Validated Industry Leadership, Proven Outcomes

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