The Apttus Intelligent Cloud Platform

Maximize Revenue with Artificial Intelligence for Quote-to-Cash

Maximize Your Revenue with the Apttus Intelligent Cloud Platform

The Apttus Intelligent Cloud is a comprehensive, enterprise-grade Quote-to-Cash platform. It’s the first and only platform to combine end-to-end Quote-to-Cash business process automation with behavior applications and artificial intelligence to enable customers to maximize revenue and generate successful business outcomes.

The Apttus Intelligent Cloud consists of the critical commerce applications for an enterprise including CPQ (Configure Price Quote), Contract Management, E-Commerce and Billing. These applications optimize the automation of the Quote-to-Cash process.

An enterprise’s revenue is determined at the point-of-sale, when the enterprise and its customer make a decision about the price at which to buy and sell. The business outcome of such interactions can be optimized in the enterprise’s favor by influencing the user’s behavior. Apttus provides Promotions, Incentive Compensation, Rebate Management and X-Author for Excel as Quote-to-Cash behavior applications to drive optimal results.

Layered on top of our single data model is Max, our artificial intelligence (AI) capability. Max is critical in delivering insights and providing conversational user experiences that reflect how we work in today’s social, mobile, virtual world. Through Max, our platform delivers the assistance, coaching and prescriptive intelligence necessary to prompt users to take actions that will create the outcomes desired by the enterprise.

The Benefits of the Apttus Intelligent Cloud

Our Apttus Intelligent Cloud platform delivers a variety of benefits to our customers, including:

Improved Business Outcomes

Our customers have experienced significant benefits from using our platform, including larger deal sizes, increased win rates, faster time-to-market, increased sales effectiveness and efficiency, and more revenue opportunities.

  • End-to-End Quote-to-Cash Process Automation
    Our Apttus Intelligent Cloud platform streamlines and improves business processes, eliminating manual steps and providing automated workflows across the full, end-to-end Quote-to-Cash process. Our platform connects previously disjointed departments and systems and institutionalizes best practices and workflows. This reduces Quote-to-Cash cycle time, speeds the time to new product introductions, and increases the speed with which enterprises can respond to market conditions.
  • Behavior Applications to Influence Optimal Revenue-Generating Activities
    We combine Quote-to-Cash process automation with behavior applications, including promotions, sales compensation, and rebates to align and drive revenue-winning behaviors across buyers and sellers. Our platform can orchestrate the most effective promotional programs and enable them across all sales channels to increase customer upsell and ROI. In addition, our Incentive Compensation application enables sales leaders and compensation professionals to manage and execute incentive programs that drive optimal selling behaviors from employees.
  • Single Data Model Across Quote-to-Cash Processes
    Our platform is built on a single data model. This allows data from one interaction with a customer to be immediately available in other interactions, regardless of channel, resulting in a comprehensive revenue view of the customer, actionable in real-time. As a result, departments across the enterprise are equally well-informed and have the commercial insights needed to drive revenue optimization. Our platform brings transparency to the exchange of information with customers, which supports a better, more streamlined purchase experience.
  • Support of All Revenue-Generating Business Stakeholders
    Our automated and integrated platform brings together individuals across functions within an enterprise around a single data model. Our platform extends the tools needed to maximize revenue to each stakeholder in the Quote-to-Cash process. Not only does our automated, end-to-end Quote-to-Cash process eliminate manual tasks, but the data from interactions within one department are utilized by others to maximize their potential impact. By providing an integrated workflow experience, we successfully align the interests of all business stakeholders toward better business outcomes.
  • An Engaging, Modern User Experience
    Max, the artificial intelligence capability of our platform, enables users to interact with our Quote-to-Cash platform and other third-party enterprise software via a conversational user interface that complements how we work in today’s social, mobile, virtual world. Max assists, coaches and prompts users (even customers) with intelligent recommendations across aspects of the Quote-to-Cash process.
  • Actionable Insights Delivered in Context at the Moment of Maximum Impact
    The use of Max, our artificial intelligence, on top of our single data model creates a powerful engine revealing new opportunities and relationships that were not visible without our platform. As a result of these new insights and information, users are able to see and take action to maximize new revenue opportunities that were previously unidentified.
  • Enablement of Customer-Centric, Omni-Channel Commerce
    Our platform provides capabilities to enable a full spectrum of commerce channels, including pure self-serve websites, partner sales, full service delivered by sales staff, and hybrids of these selling models. Our applications enable our customers to view and transact upon the same revenue view of their customer across all channels. As a result, we help our customers open or optimize online revenue channels and provide consistent experiences to their customers.
  • Neutrality Across CRM and ERP Systems and Availability on a Variety of Hosting Platforms
    Our modular platform accommodates an enterprise’s previous investments in systems that address portions of the Quote-to-Cash process while providing a path for broader adoption of our platform over time. Our platform integrates with leading CRM systems including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365, enabling our customers to choose the infrastructure and application vendors that best meet their needs while still taking advantage of the benefits of an integrated Quote-to-Cash platform. In addition, our platform runs on Salesforce’s and Microsoft’s Azure trusted and comprehensive cloud platforms.

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