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Leveraging AI to Close More Deals, More Often

In today’s competitive business environment, customers are in the driver’s seat. Your sellers’ quotes must provide customer-friendly offers and competitive pricing without impacting margins. AI can learn from your historical sales data and guide sellers to the optimized offers and pricing that maximizes win probability. AI can also learn customer buying patterns and recommend other products or services that maximize value for customers and your organization, while increasing deal size. Providing intelligent guidance based on current trends and historical sales data puts your sellers in the best possible position to win bigger deals that drive more revenue, retire more quota, and fuel business growth.

AI can proactively surface and create new sales and white space opportunities using machine learning analysis that identifies customer buying tendencies and behaviors and alerts sellers to potential cross-sell and upsell opportunities. Similarly, artificial intelligence can learn the key characteristics customers that have the greatest propensity to buy and guide sellers to focus on their best leads. For example, based on past selling success, AI can recommend specific offers to prospects based on attributes such as industry, number of employees, annual revenue, existing assets, and more. The result is an overall increase in deal flow and more at-bats for sellers.

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