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Ultimate Guide to
Contract Management

The Ultimate Guide to Contract Management outlines the steps of the contract lifecycle and details how to maximize the value of deals with effective Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM). Because contracts are binding and govern over 80% of transactions and value, every business should care about what’s inside. If the CLM system isn’t integrated within a full end-to-end Quote-to-Cash process, there are missed opportunities to streamline sales, standardizeterms, increase efficiency, and eliminate risk across the organization.

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What You’ll Get with the Ultimate Guide:

  1. A detailed guide describing how companies today are making their contracts a strategic advantage, driving powerful results including 41% faster contract processing, on average.
  2. A deep dive into the 8-step contract lifecycle management process.
  3. A look at the 4 steps forward thinking companies are following today to increase contract accuracy and empower them to confidently report on the numbers that matter most.