Predict & Prepare for the Future of Contracting

Commercial agreements govern the relationships of enterprises worldwide. To prepare law department leaders for advancements in contracting in 2019, Apttus is sponsoring a webinar hosted by leading industry analyst, Ari Kaplan. He will be moderating a discussion with Linda Chuan, a seasoned global technology sourcing executive, Dennis Garcia, an assistant general counsel with Microsoft, and Lauryn Haake, a managing director at HBR Consulting, about how innovations in contract management will impact the economy over the next three to five years. Among other topics, the program will address the influence of compliance, artificial intelligence, and blockchain on contracting.


Ari Kaplan

Ari Kaplan Advisors


Linda Chuan

VP, Global Head of Technology Sourcing,
Thomson Reuters


Dennis Garcia

Assistant General Counsel,

In this session attendees will learn about:


Why best practices associated with program management and standardization are essential for a high performing organization.


How the maturity of AI is driving efficiencies and agility in contracting while reducing risk.


The extent to which innovation in blockchain, smart contracts, data management, and sourcing will reconfigure corporate roles in 2019.

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