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Optimize contract performance and improve revenue recognition in an ever changing regulatory environment. Apttus CLM drives contract excellence at scale, reduces cycle times, improves negotiating outcomes, and minimizes risk.

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Financial Services & COVID-19

In today’s complex, rapidly evolving world, corporate financial health and resilience is of the utmost importance. By increasing revenue, reducing costs, accelerating cash flow, and minimizing risk, successful companies are ensuring they can recover—then thrive—in the months and years ahead.


Now, more than ever, a powerful contract management solution can help you navigate contractual implications related to COVID-19


But not all contract management solutions are created equal.

Economic adaptability and building operational resilience

As a finance leader, you’re always looking for ways to better identify and mitigate risk, improve business outcomes, and gain better visibility across the enterprise—while accelerating your company’s pandemic recovery.


The question is: How can CFOs effectively execute a defensive strategy while preparing to thrive in the future?


The answer is locked in your company’s contracts. Contracts govern every dollar in and out of the organization, and hold data and insights that give a clear view of your company’s relationships with customers, suppliers, employees, and stakeholders.


Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) technology can extract contract data at scale to allow CFOs to make data-based decisions that drive success.


Leverage the data in your contracts and ensure your contract management solution can keep up with the demands of the current crisis


  • Consolidate all contracts into a single repository
  • Automatically uncover exceptions
  • Identify language that needs to change using machine learning
  • Identify where amendments should be made
  • Standardize the clause library with preferred fallback provisions

Apttus provides the industry-leading CLM solution, and was recognized as a leader in the 2019 Forrester Wave for CLM.

In addition to providing full lifecycle management, Apttus makes contracts user-friendly for the entire organization and integrates with all key sales and financial solutions, while delivering role-based content to teams via preferred interfaces—including mobile and Microsoft Word.


– Matt Kruse, Vice President of Corporate Programs, FIS

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– Vasu Vijay, CTO

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With Apttus true contract lifecycle management, customers achieve the following:
  • 45% increase in contract accuracy
  • 43% increase in compliance
  • 42% faster contract processing
  • Deliver customer-centric financial solutions across the entire customer lifecycle.
  • Apttus helps financial services companies achieve regulatory compliance.
  • Save time, reduce risks, and drive better business value through centralized and intelligent contract negotiation, repapering, amendments, and renewals.


Learn More about how Apttus can help you succeed in today’s environment of regulatory uncertainty. With Apttus CLM you will be prepared for the challenges of today–the LIBOR transition—and be ready to face the shifting operating environments of tomorrow.