March 2, 2013 by Robert Gonzales

A leading global business and financial magazine has selected Apttus X-Author Chatter to enable higher degrees of collaboration in their sales process. Apttus X-Author will provide sales and product teams with the much needed ability to share specific content in Microsoft Office documents and Outlook without leaving Microsoft Office. Team members can continue to work offline in Microsoft Office on content related to requests for proposals (RFP) and resume collaboration activity when they re-connect.

When Hurricane Sandy hit in late 2012 and shut down their headquarters in New York, the necessity to become less dependent on the company HQ systems became clear. The team had been using PowerPoint extensively in their RFP process, relying on traditional manual methods of copying, pasting, and emailing to collaborate. After an extensive look at the marketplace, Apttus X-Author Chatter was the only viable solution that solved their needs allowing for social collaboration and distribution anywhere, anytime.

Using X-Author for Chatter, sales team members can share specific slides to individuals or groups for review, feedback, and more rapid approvals for distribution in their RFP process. X-Author Chatter enables all Microsoft Office activity to be shared and recorded inside Salesforce. X-Author allows any Salesforce enterprise process or control to be executed from within Microsoft Office –team members can remain in familiar Microsoft Office while all controls regarding the RFP process and content are maintained and managed by Salesforce.

Apttus X-Author has been selected as one of the most innovative social media applications available today.