June 12, 2013 by Robert Gonzales

Apttus, the category-defining Quote-to-Cash solution provider, today announced the availability of its Apttus Configure Price Quote (CPQ) 6.0, providing innovative capabilities that significantly impact revenue maximization by optimizing deals, improving enterprise collaboration and streamlining sales processes. Unlike siloed CPQ solutions that require extensive integration between multiple systems, Apttus provides the only fully integrated Quote-to-Cash solution built 100 percent on the Salesforce Platform. All opportunities, pricing, product configurations, quotes and contracts remain completely in sync on the most advanced cloud platform.

Apttus’ advancements in deal management include availability of the newly released Deal Maximizer solution. Deal Maximizer is system-driven intelligence that guides sales teams. Deal Maximizer facilitates the selling process by incenting sales teams to offer the optimum deal for the company by fast-tracking the deals that meet the targeted mix of products and services desired by the company. Sales representatives can also see, in real-time, how changes in products and pricing impact their commission before the quote is final, providing further motivation to offer the optimum deal for the company.

“By using Apttus, our staff can quickly respond to customer requests, thus providing faster service for our customers, whilst using familiar Microsoft Office documents”. – Rene Falch Olesen, Chief Commercial Officer DSV

Additionally, Apttus’ innovation in usability increases user adoption by allowing sales teams to work in Excel. Apttus’ patent pending X-Author for CPQ makes Microsoft Office a user interface for salespeople, enabling full interaction and control between Microsoft Office and Salesforce, while preserving data and process integrity. X-Author for CPQ helps sales reps to quickly create quotes inside Excel, while still adhering to all company quoting and pricing rules.

Apttus’ product advancements come from our commitment to provide the highest value functionality in our Quote-to-Cash solutions all delivered on the most advanced cloud infrastructure. Said Kirk Krappe, CEO Apttus, “With our latest product releases Apttus is able to empower the Sales process to meet the strategic business goals of our enterprise customers fundamentally changing how deals are managed.”

About Quote-to-Cash

Apttus Quote-to-Cash solutions drive the vital business process between the buyer’s interest in a purchase and the realization of revenue. With Apttus, companies can increase sales effectiveness while maximizing visibility and control of the complete Quote-to- Cash process including configure price quote (CPQ), contract management, renewals and revenue management. Quote-to-Cash solutions include Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ), Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Revenue Management.

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About Apttus

Apttus delivers category-defining software that drives the vital business process between the buyer’s interest in a purchase and the realization of revenue. Delivered on the industry’s most advanced cloud infrastructure, the Salesforce Platform, Apttus’ Quote-to-Cash solutions increase sales and maximize visibility and control. Applications include Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ), Proposal Management, Contract Management and Revenue Management. With more than 300 enterprise customers and 450,000+ users worldwide, Apttus is the industry’s fastest-growing provider of Quote-to-Cash solutions. Additionally, Apttus’ patent pending X-Author technology enables Microsoft Office to be a user-interface with full interaction and control between Salesforce and Microsoft Office. Apttus is based in San Mateo, California, with additional offices in London, UK and Ahmedabad, India. For more information visit: www.apttus.wpengine.com.


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