April 8, 2015 by Apttus Corp

Aesynt, a leading provider of integrated pharmacy automation solutions for hospitals and health systems, today announced the results of their successful implementation of Apttus CPQ. Apttus, the category-defining Quote-to-Cash solution provider, was selected by Aesynt to replace an on-site legacy systems that relied heavily on Excel and email. Following this upgrade to their Configure Price Quoting system, Aesynt has improved deal visibility, communication, accurate long-term projections, speed and efficiency throughout their sales organization. A recently developed video detailing their operation and work with Apttus is available here.

The Aesynt team’s results include:

  • Tripling the average deal size for the Aesynt sales team
  • Achieving 100 percent user adoption with the revenue team, providing clarity and communication at every step in the sales process
  • Rapid user adoption due to a familiar and easy to access interface for tasks & approvals automation
  • Improving deal review in financial operations through automation, resulting in a reduction of man hours that increased sales productivity by 5 percent
  • Full visibility into the time spent on each element of the quoting process
  • For more details and a full breakdown of Aesynt’s success, view their featured showcase

Recognizing that their previous solution was not scaling with their rapid growth and was undermining their deal success, Aesynt selected Apttus Configure Price Quote, which allowed them to maintain a familiar user interface, and quickly integrate into their existing systems. It also eliminated the need for multiple quote versions, offered greater visibility into forecast details and could handle complex product configurations. Use of Apttus CPQ resulted in shortened sales cycle times, enhanced control, and a fully automated and streamlined process. In short, Apttus had the robust capability and flexibility to accommodate Aesynt’s business needs.

“Our business had simply outgrown the previous system; we needed a robust, enterprise-level solution that fit a very specific set of business needs. Working with Apttus has not only impacted our overall operation and the structure of our sales process, but also helped us move past longstanding organizational obstacles and continue growing and servicing our customer base,” said Kraig McEwen, chief executive officer at Aesynt.

“Our field sales team now spends more time engaged with our customer,” said Mary Beth Gargani, director of sales effectiveness at Aesynt. “The amount of time they have to be in front of a customer actually negotiating deals and solving customer problems has increased based on the Apttus tools they now have access to.”

“Our goal is to be a transformative and supportive partner for our customers, and the success of Aesynt’s implementation is an enormous point of pride,” said Kirk Krappe, chief executive officer at Apttus. “These quantifiable benefits are just a small indicator of what organizations like Aesynt are able to accomplish when paired with a modern, fast, and efficient Quote-to-Cash solution.”

About Aesynt
Aesynt Incorporated is committed to continuously advancing medication management, offering integrated pharmacy automation solutions that help health systems to support improved patient outcomes, build stronger businesses and manage ongoing change. For more information, visit www.aesynt.com. Follow Aesynt on Twitter at https://twitter.com/aesynt.

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