Apttus Quote-to-Cash for Medical Technology

Drive Profitable Growth & Contract Compliance
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Deliver Faster, Better Outcomes Without Revenue Leakage

On the road to profitability, competition and increased regulations pose a threat to manufacturers and distributors of medical devices, supplies, and products. With cost-down pressures requiring more innovative and speed-driven approaches to revenue planning, sales execution and customer retention, it’s easy for margin-crushing revenue mistakes to occur. With Apttus, Medical Device and Diagnostics manufacturers achieve an integrated pricing and
contract management solution that drives speed, while enabling contract compliance and reducing rebate disputes.

Manage your entire product catalog in one place. Set up distributor and membership affiliations — with associated pricing and incentive templates — so you can sell more effectively to a range of audiences. Drive better, faster deals across all channels using pricing and incentives templates.

Create quotes, contracts, and tenders leveraging the most up-to-date pricing and incentives. With historical insight into prior fees, commitments, and participation, and built-in deal guidance and automated approvals, sales teams can move quickly without introducing risk or revenue leakage.

Sell more effectively through any channel. Make it easy for customers, partners, and distributors to order the right products with self-service portals and B2B
E-Commerce sites. With best price resolution, order integration, and order-time promotions, it’s easy to maximize deal value, eliminate pricing errors, and ensure customer success.
Manage rebates and track purchase compliance against revenue and market share criteria. Gain flexibility and control with month-end billing and a user-friendly solution for revenue recognition that integrates to ERP.
Understand customer performance in real time, see how pricing changes across markets impact gross-to-net profitability, and get better visibility into future performance with insight into forecasts and accruals.


Gain Customer Insights and Create Winning Offers

  • Drive profitability and growth
  • Ensure contract compliance
  • Prevent rogue discounting
  • Incentivize buyers

Sales Operations

Manage Complex Offerings and Pricing with Ease

  • Set up pricing and rebate programs
  • Streamline contract life cycles
  • Speed up approval checks


Drive Profitability and Accurately Process Settlements

  • Eliminate revenue leakage
  • Drive efficiency
  • Maximize revenue


Enforce Compliance and Drive Departmental Efficiency

  • Gain visibility into all contracts
  • Drive efficiency across contract life cycle
  • Drive full compliance and minimize legal risk