Apttus Onboarding-to-Payment for Financial Services

Ensure Regulatory Compliance while Managing End-to-End Customer Lifecycle

Financial Services Industry is going through a Digital Transformation

Financial Institutions are undergoing transformation led by changing regulatory requirements and evolving customer expectations. Chief Digital Officers and CIOs of today need to reinvent business models to ensure compliance with upcoming regulation changes such as Brexit, MIFID II.

To compete effectively with emerging competitors, Financial Services firms need to transform customer life cycle while reducing costs to compensate for downward pressure on fees and margins.

The Apttus Intelligent Middle Office for Financial Services

Apttus solutions reduce risk while increasing revenue by optimizing client lifecycle. Our intelligent contract management solution automates all your regulatory compliance needs – contract negotiation, repapering, amendments and renewals – significantly reducing effort needed for Brexit and Dodd Frank compliance. Auditable workflows and automated reports increase transparency.

We improve client onboarding and create a searchable repository for KYC, AML and other needs. Apttus can productize services such as research to adhere to MIFID II rules. With machine learning insights bankers and advisors can propose and upsell new products such as loans, savings accounts and investment funds to increase revenue.


  • Automate onboarding for Institutional Clients, Commercial Clients and Channel Partners – Advisors, Brokers and Producers – seamlessly
  • Leverage Artificial Intelligence to orchestrate onboarding process with auditable workflows
  • Use preset rules and questionnaires to streamline the process and ensure compliance with the latest global regulatory mandates
  • Ensure compliance with third party risk and credit verification for KYC /AML, PEP, FACTA, EMIR, etc.
  • Increase operational efficiency, transparency, and overall customer experience with faster SLAs

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Structure, Propose & Sell

  • Leverage your customer data and pricing models to structure bespoke deals and proposals based on the profitability of relationship
  • Increase wallet share with guided selling engine powered by machine learning to upsell and cross-sell new products – loans, savings accounts, mortgages, and fee based advice
  • Enable captive agents and channel partners – producers, brokers and wealth management intermediaries – to propose new coverage and investment options
  • Automate risk and underwriting approval workflows
  • Productize, package and price data and services for increased margins and new revenue sources (e.g. Unbundle investment research for MIFID II compliance)
  • Use our Omni-channel platform to engage clients via mobile, web and voice for self-service

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Contract & Comply

  • Automate mass amendments and repapering to significantly reduce compliance overhead during regulation changes such as Dodd Frank, MIFID and Brexit
  • Enable internal and third-party contract reviews, and multi-party collaboration and notifications
  • Increase transparency with digital searchable contract repositories
  • Create auditable workflows to automate contract redlines, edits and approvals

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  • Use our Artificial Intelligence MAX for real time pattern recognition of customer preferences and asset performance to uncover and create new opportunities
  • Gain machine learning data-driven insights on customer, sales, broker and advisor activity for revenue forecasting
  • Forecast confidently across all books of business

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Renew & Grow

  • Use a single system to enable straight through processing from proposal-to-payment reducing handoffs and lost information
  • Increase client engagement and wallet share by providing upsell and cross-sell recommendations
  • Use analytics driven promotions and sales campaigns for bankers, advisors and channel partners
  • Maximize potential through fee based billing models

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Solutions Designed for Digital Business




Insurance & Retirement Services

Piggy Bank

Wealth & Asset Management

Dollar Sign

Fintech & Payments

Solutions for the Entire Organization


Chief Digital Officer

  • Improve customer experience and increase speed of business
  • Drive revenue through automation and better data insights
  • Reduce regulatory risk and compliance costs
  • Increase operational efficiencies across the organization

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Legal and Compliance

Reduce regulatory risk and costs – gain speed

  • Reduce risk and compliance costs
  • Create detailed audit trails to track approvals, amendments and revisions
  • Retrieve contract documents faster from a centralized, secure, searchable cloud repository
  • Automate mass amendments and repapering
  • Track commission and fees accurately to meet compliance requirements

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Sales and Distribution

Maximize collaboration, automate onboarding and increase speed

  • Automate and track client onboarding
  • Synchronize business processes across captive sales and channel partners
  • Generate proposals in minutes for financial instruments including research, services and fees without code
  • Increase productivity of sales teams with AI based conversational experience with MAX
  • Maximize revenue with data driven insights and AI based intelligent recommendations from MAX

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Product Managers and Operations

Automate Client Onboarding and introduce new products faster

  • Onboard institutional and retail clients and partners with guided workflows and checklists
  • Create searchable document repositories for AML, KYC and credit documents.
  • Introduce new financial products faster without any code
  • Sync seamlessly between excel based calculations for fees, loans, premiums and multiple systems for accounts, opportunities, proposals, contracts etc.
  • Gain a 360-degree view of customer, product, fee and revenue performance across channels and product lines

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