Dreamforce is the world’s largest tech conference, and as Salesforce calls it, “The Learning Event of the Year.” This year is the 15th annual Dreamforce. The event grows bigger every year. Just like the previous 4 years, Salesforce is bringing back it’s Road to Dreamforce series, only with a twist. This year, it’s 3 live episodes with several short videos being released every Tuesday to help attendees get ready for the big event.

Road to Dreamforce Equality Recap

Equality for All is such a big deal at Salesforce they hired a Chief Equality Officer 9 months ago. It also takes more than one Road to Dreamforce video to talk about all the Equality efforts happening at Dreamforce.

Tony Prophet, Salesforce’s other CEO, the Chief Equality Officer, has accomplished a lot in the short time he’s been with the company, but he admits he has a long way to go. As Tony says “It’s like the honeymoon’s over, but I’m still in love.” For Dreamforce, Tony says people will be very impressed with how Equality is represented throughout sessions and other activities.

Gino Ramos, Equality Programs Manager, touched on Salesforce’s four pillars of equality: equal pay; equal opportunity; equal rights and equal education; and how Salesforce is extending that beyond just the company, but to the Ohana of customers and partners. At Dreamforce, the Equality Summit takes place on Wednesday, November 8th, with some great speakers lined up, #ForwardLookingStatement. The Office of Equality will have a theater setting to tell the story of equality to all Dreamforce attendees. Salesforce wants everyone to understand how they can Empower with Equality, Innovate with Equality and Elevating your Brand.

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