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“There are some enterprise software companies that have been well ahead of the curve. Just look at Apttus.”

“This is a new way of doing business, that requires a new kind of platform, and Apttus is capturing those needs with a unique proposition.”

“A single data view to help companies more efficiently manage revenue, contract, and procurement operations.”

“Apttus wants to combine the ease of use of CRM, the data and processes inside ERP and wrap that in its own platform. Apttus’ Omni can deliver that data right to the sales teams.”
Apttus’ explosive growth and dominant marketplace positioning has resulted in a tidal wave of top-tier press coverage, transformative announcements, analyst kudos, and influential thought leadership. Below, you’ll find links that detail not only the rise of a global tech powerhouse, but also a history of the Quote-to-Cash ecosystem that Apttus originated and continues to define.

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