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  1. Origin: Derived from the Latin root “apt,” meaning capable, and the ending “us,” which denotes speed
  2. Definition: Deep Capability, Speed

We live in a time of intense and continuous business evolution, where success is measured by the speed and volume of revenue generation. This has created both an opportunity and a challenge for enterprise organizations.

Apttus was founded in 2006 by a trio of enterprise software veterans who were eager to move beyond the inefficiencies caused by disconnected business processes and the impact on companies’ revenue, growth, and competitiveness. Over the years, front-office CRM and back-office ERP evolved steadily as essential tools. But the business processes between the two have been stagnant, disjointed, and manual for decades. In other words, the processes driving actual revenue generation and management of key commercial relationships have been significantly neglected, undercutting not just an enterprise’s ability to compete and grow, but to also generate better returns on their adjacent investments in front- and back-office systems.

Rising to meet these challenges head on, Apttus created a space called the middle office. Apttus automates, optimizes and applies AI to the most important business processes for any enterprise – revenue generation and the management of key commercial relationships. The result? Maximizing business outcomes at every opportunity by leveraging a single revenue view across an enterprise.

To do this, Apttus created the industry’s first and only Intelligent Middle Office Platform™. The platform, which is available across Salesforce, Azure, and IBM Cloud, powers its industry-leading Quote-to-Cash, Contract Management, Digital Commerce and Supplier Relationship Management solutions. Apttus enhances each solution with applied artificial intelligence known as Max.

No other software provider has ever used technology in this way, or this comprehensively. As a result, Apttus is uniquely positioned to generate greater revenue yield for businesses in any industry. Drawing on more than 12 years of success and innovation, Apttus is leading the way as the de facto middle office provider for enterprise organizations across the world.


The Apttus Management team is comprised of visionary, experienced, and passionate leaders dedicated to the success of Apttus customers, partners, employees, and the company at-large.



Apttus’ explosive growth and dominant marketplace positioning has resulted in a tidal wave of top-tier press coverage, game-changing announcements, analyst kudos, and influential thought leadership.



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Business transformation is only possible through partnership. As you embark on your transformation journey, Apttus is with you every step of the way.



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Apttus is built upon three principles: Tier One Everything – striving for excellence in every facet. We’re intensely passionate about innovation, quality, and our customers. Our second foundational principle, naturally, is 100% customer satisfaction, our minimum measurement of success. The Apttus team is fully committed to delivering products and services that will meet or exceed our customer community’s expectations. We crave constant feedback on performance and are dedicated to delivering complete customer success.

Lastly, everything Apttus does is about people. Apttus buys from, sells to, and works with people. Everyone is an equal, everyone has something to contribute, and everyone is important. We foster an environment of teamwork and mutual respect that applies to everyone in the Apttus network. We take these principles seriously, and one of the ways we uphold them is through our Code of Conduct. We expect all employees and Board members to know and follow these codes, as well as our contractors, consultants, and service providers. People are what have made Apttus successful for nearly a decade and will continue to do so in the years ahead.