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Any poker pro will tell you; you’re not just playing the game, you’re playing the person across the table from you. The same can be said of sales. You’re not just selling a product, you’re selling to the person across the table. The more you know about your buyer – their needs, their pain points, their desires – the better you know what motivates them to buy. And as an experienced salesperson, you already know at least what your customers are looking for.

Or do you?

Apttus has released the Apttus Commercial Experience (ACE) Report, a multinational study spotlighting the changing expectations, assumptions, and behavior of B2B buyers and sellers in the digital economy.


“We live in a dynamic era, with new business models
replacing archaic ones.”

~Apttus CEO Frank Holland


The ACE Report involves 1,500 B2B buyers and 1,500 B2B sellers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. The report has flipped the script for sellers who are working under assumptions instead of data.

Doubling Down on Customer Experience

One of the biggest revelations is that customer experience – not price – is the top factor driving buying decisions in the digital economy. In fact, buying experience dwarfs price by five times in order of importance. Businesses that enhance their selling processes to fit the digital economy generate better buying experiences for their customers, which boost overall customer experience. How much of a boost? The ACE Report shows that good or poor buyer satisfaction can grow or shrink a deal by as much as 20 percent.

All In On Automation

More than just raw data, the ACE Report identifies ways enterprises can boost their customer experience by automating traditionally manual selling processes and applying artificial intelligence. Automation is a key factor in improving customer experience. By accelerating deal cycles by as much as 25 percent and increasing deal sizes by 5 to 10 percent with automated selling processes, you improve the buyer experience and impact earnings and company growth rates. That’s a big win for everyone.

The ACE Report delivers a dense set of findings, and while this first chapter focuses on B2B selling in the digital economy, future chapters will delve deeper into B2B expectations and behavior, areas where sellers are misaligned, the impact of artificial intelligence, and more.

Read the ACE Report and arm yourself with the knowledge you need to meet the expectations of your customers and take a seat at the winner’s table.

Download the ACE Report today to get more insight into B2B buyers and sellers in the digital age.

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