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The following is a recap of the live broadcast provided by Salesforce entitled The Road to Dreamforce. The broadcast focuses on a different topic of discussion every week and for last week’s live episode on June 30, The Road to Dreamforce gave us more information about what to expect from the upcoming conference if you are a small and medium-sized business owner. Be sure to tune in on Tuesdays at 11:00am to catch a new live broadcast every week to help you prepare for Dreamforce.

Companies from all over the globe gather at Dreamforce for an opportunity to learn, train, network and be surrounded by thousands of like-minded business professionals. And out of these thousands of individuals, half of them are small and medium-sized business owners with companies that have 500 employees or less.

The Benefits of Being at Dreamforce for a SMB

Road to Dreamforce

You don’t have to be a colossal corporation to benefit from an event like Dreamforce. As an SMB, you have the same amount of access to experts and wide variety of professionals, providing you a terrific chance to direct your questions to the right people. You are also able to attend hands-on training to help further enhance your skill-set on the Salesforce platform. Not to mention, being a SMB owner at Dreamforce opens up the door to plenty of networking opportunities that can be substantial for your business – we all know the importance of networking, especially for a SMB, and Dreamforce is a perfect place to do so.

By the numbers, Salesforce is helping SMB’s take their business to the next level and gives them the base they need for future growth. They assist them on finding 41% of their leads, add 31% to their wins in sales, and help keep their customers happy by 38% and more.

Dreamforce 2015Dreamforce will also host a special Start-up Summit for SMB’s that will be a 2 day event consisting of 15 sessions that is broken down into two tracks: practical and thought-leadership. The practical track will have the best product marketing professionals from select companies present their best practices, discuss their notable industry trends, and demonstrate how to use Salesforce solutions in certain situations. The thought-leadership track will go over tips and advice for small and medium-sized businesses, best practices that they should follow and more insight on what is trending today. The Start-up Summit brings great benefits to SMB owners, including a networking reception, access to Dreamforce keynotes, and more. Registration will be open soon, so be on the look-out!

To maximize your Dreamforce experience, EVP of Commercial and SMB Sales at Salesforce, Tony Rodoni, gives 5 main tips:

5 Tips to Maximize Your Dreamforce Experience as a SMB

Road to Dreamforce1. Plan your agenda, don’t miss sessions! Time is precious and you do not want to waste any of it looking at the agenda or walking around trying to decide which sessions you should go to. Plan your entire day in advance so that you have solidified the specific sessions and keynotes you feel are important for you to attend.

2. Pick 10 people that you want to meet. Whether they are
partners, leaders, or presenters, be sure that you have a list of
folks that you definitely are going to speak with.

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3. Find other experience Dreamforce-ers. Meet up with other experience attendees who have been to Dreamforce before. They are full of information and can provide you with the best tips on how to get the most value out of your trip.

4. Work with your AE. Be sure to coordinate with your AE so that the both of you are on the same page. Your AE will help you build the right roadmap on which sessions you should attend or that are in your best interest.

5. Have a post Dreamforce plan. Many companies go to Dreamforce heavily prepared, but once the conference is over, they don’t know what next action they should take – have a post Dreamforce plan ready 15588294685_4a9bb2546c_hso that you’re ahead of the game. It can be to contact a prospect, host an internal training sessions, or anything else that you feel is a priority.

If you are an SMB owner planning on attending Dreamforce, keep in mind the various benefits your trip will have on your business. If you are already set on attending Dreamforce, be sure to take note of the tips above and get the most out of your experience.


Apttus is giving away two Dreamforce Upgrade Packages on August 14th and September 10th. This is a great opportunity to upgrade your current Dreamforce pass and take your experience to new heights – the package includes valet parking at a nearby garage, gift cards, and more.

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