December 5 by Vijay Shah


It is commonly thought that contracts are a small concern. They only pertain to the legal office or the finance department. But the fact is, contracts are important to every part of a company. Not only are contracts binding, they govern over 80% of business transactions. Contracts are increasingly important as companies grow and become more international. Especially with frequent changes to policy and taxation rules, weak contracts can easily become a risk to the business.

First-Ever Event in India

ContractingThe International Association for Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM,) a global body that enables both public and private sector organizations and professionals to achieve world-class standards in their contracting and relationship management process and skills. With over 43,000 members across 163 countries and more than 15,000 corporations, IACCM is leading the way in responding to the demands of global networked markets. Citing the need to create awareness, develop a stronger legal community and enable legal professionals to adopt best practices, IACCM India organized their 1st event in India at Hyatt Place, Gurugram. The theme of the event, one the most sought-after topics by legal counsels in India: “Technology and Innovation in Contracting.”

With the eminent speakers from PwC, EY, Mind Merchants, Apttus, Abiz Corporation, Sirion Labs, and Ameriprise Financial, the event was attended by over 80 legal professionals. Apttus, Abiz and Accenture jointly sponsored the event. Overall, the IACCM, Gurugram Member Meeting was an ideal platform to discuss current issues, get updates on latest technologies and network with industry colleagues. Attendees left the event looking forward to attending a series of IACCM events planned for the near future in support of this unique initiative to create a strong community of legal professionals in India.

In addition to hosting events, IACCM also offers other services like advisory consulting, job boards, skills, and competency assessment, just to name a few. Apttus, a leader in Contract Management is proud to support IACCM events and demonstrate its contribution to bring next-gen Contract Lifecycle Management solutions to legal counsels worldwide.

To learn more about IACCM, please visit their website.

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