July 6 by Lilian Oke

Hallo München! Last week, on the last leg of the Euro portion of Salesforce’s true-to-name World Tour, 4,000 plus attendees poured through the expo hall. People from a variety of companies, industries and European countries gathered to learn about the future of cloud computing, customer engagement, and connecivity. Amongst the crowd was Marc Benioff , who eventually took stage and led the keynote proceedings. He was joined by a bevy of innovative companies such as Barclays, KBA and Coca-Cola, who are adapting and transforming the ways the in which they interact and connect with their customers. Here is a look at 3 critical takeaways from the Salesforce World Tour in Munich and Mr. Benioff’s inspirational keynote:

Customer Focus

Marc Benioff announced during his keynote session that the Customer Focusnew Salesforce data centre will be opening in Germany this August. This is more than just exciting news; it’s also a good example of what loth Benioff and Salesforce have been preaching for years: listening to your customers, and make them the centre of everything you do. Demand for Salesforce has continued to blossom in Europe. To ensure they are aptly understanding and meeting the needs of their customer’s, Salesforce is building, and has built data centres in France, the U.K. and Germany. This boots on the ground strategy has allowed Salesforce to provide a 1:1 experience that would otherwise be lost oversea.


TinderWith strong customer focus, companies can be more precise with their offers and service. Personalization isn’t a luxury, it is quickly becoming the expectation. Customers respond to solutions built for their convenience and their exact needs. They want something just for them, something tailor made and unique. Look at Uber which will pick you up at your exact location at your request. Or Tinder which lets you swipe through date candidates based on preference and proximity. In order to meet these needs, companies need to harness the plethora of available data to better understand buyer behaviour and predictive analytics to remain ahead of the curve.


Mobile BusinessSpeed and adaptability begins with mobile capability. Coca-Cola’s Ulrik Nehammer, CEO of Erfrischungsgetränke AG, discussed how he has pushed his company to rethink the way they do business. “Time is our most valuable asset,” he explains. “The world is getting faster and faster, so we sat down and said, we must go faster.” By going mobile and operating your business from your phone, it allows you to make decisions with the customer, or with the supplier, it allows you to make decisions where and when things happen.   — This event concludes the Salesforce World Tour 2015 in Europe and what an exciting one it was. Next up Dreamforce 2015!


Want to learn how to improve your customer responsiveness, service and success? Sometimes Improving your customer relationships, starts with improving your internal processes. In this video, salesforce.com discusses how innovating revenue operations in the cloud is helping them make the customer experience a delight.

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