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The following is a recap of the live broadcast provided by Salesforce entitled The Road to Dreamforce. The broadcast focuses on a different topic of discussion every week and for the last live episode on September 8, The Road to Dreamforce gave us more information on how to socially participate during the week of Dreamforce on social media and throughout the conference. – With Dreamforce just a week away (I know, crazy!), expect a ton of activity on social media during the entire course of the conference. There will be a plethora of exciting moments and incredible sights at Dreamforce that you will be able to document over your social channels. The following are some tips on how to utilize social media before, during, and post Dreamforce.

Social Tips Before Dreamforce

With over 150,000 attendees expected to attend this year, expect social media to play a major part of the week. Dreamforce is expected to have nearly 200,000 mentions during the conference. Here are a few suggestions if you’d like to participate in the social fiasco prior to the event:

Start Using Social Media Now If you haven’t been active on social media or been following the various Dreamforce social channels, please start as soon as possible! Follow the official Dreamforce twitter handle, @Dreamforce, to receive live news about the conference. Like the official Dreamforce Facebook page for more information, follow the Dreamforce Instagram account, and be sure to follow the Dreamforce Linkedin page as well. In addition, double check that all of your personal social profiles are up to date with the most current information about yourself.

Use the Official Dreamforce Hashtag: #DF15dreamforce hashtag If you plan on participating in social media during Dreamforce (which you definitely should), do not forget to use the hashtag #DF15. Use the hashtag in all of your Dreamforce-related tweets on Twitter and photos on Instagram – this is the best way for your content to be found by other attendees.

Post Useful Information & Content Of course, make sure you are posting the appropriate things on your social channels during Dreamforce. The last thing anyone wants is to have to look back at their social feeds and realize that they had made a huge mistake for public eyes to see, so be conscious of what you are posting on your profiles. What you should aim to publish on all of your social accounts is useful, informative content that other people would find valuable. Retweet things from Dreamforce, share articles on Facebook and Linkedin, and post pieces on your social profiles that can either inform or help attendees.

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Social Tips During Dreamforce

Now that you know how to use your various social channels before the event, here are ways to best use social media during Dreamforce:

Use the Right Social Platforms at the Right Time                                                                                                dreamforce instagram                    Twitter is great for real-time updates, but also starting conversations and asking questions to speakers and attendees. You can use Linkedin to post long-formed updates towards the end of the day to provide recaps or news to your network. Depending on your personal network, Facebook is a great platform to post personal and casual content that can really showcase fun moments at Dreamforce. Last but not least, participate on Instagram – with the hundreds of photo opportunities that will be available during the week, take the chance to post your own photos onto Instagram with the #DF15 hashtag.

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Who You Should Follow Most of the notable profiles that we recommend you follow are on Twitter. A no-brainer would be to follow Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff – what better way to get the most accurate news and updates that haven’t even been publicly announced yet than to follow the man behind it all. We also recommend to follow Salesforce CMO, Lynn Vojvodich, who is guaranteed to provide valuable information throughout the week.dreamforce marc benioff twitter

Keep in mind to keep tabs on the #SalesforceLIVE hashtag to see what attendees who are watching the event off-site are talking about. Follow the #AwesomeAdmin hashtag as well to follow what the amazing Salesforce admin community are involved in during Dreamforce.

Social Tips After Dreamforce

Social activity doesn’t have to end once the conference is over. Post your personal experiences and insights with a blog post on Linkedin or check out the #DF15 hashtag on Twitter to check out any key moment that you may have missed during the week. Post conference is the best time to search which pieces of content you may have missed or need to catch up on.

Other Important Things to Know

Download the Dreamforce mobile appdreamforce mobile app For everything Dreamforce, download the official Dreamforce mobile app, available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry devices. With the Dreamforce mobile app, you will be able to see all session information, create your own personal agenda, see the walking distances between session locations, and more. Be sure to update your personal profile before interacting with other Dreamforce attendees over the Chatter feeds.

Tips to Get Ready for Registration Be on the lookout for an email sometime this weekend offering a chance to pre check-in for Dreamforce to help speed up your registration process. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive a QR code enabling you to get your badge quickly.

New Swag at the Dreamstoredreamforce dreamstore swag Stop by and take a look at the all-new swag that the Dreamstore will be offering. One thing to keep in mind is that the Dreamstore will not be open during Dreamfest, so make sure to purchase any sweaters you may need to stay warm ahead of time or face the consequences!

Notable Dreamforce Parties & Networking Opportunities

Monday, September 14
What: Salesforce Women’s Network and Girly Geeks Panel & Network Session
Location: Hilton, San Francisco Union Square Grand Ballroom Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm dreamforce appbash

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Wednesday, September 16
What: AppBash
Location: City View at the Metreon
Time: 7:00pm for Partners, 9:00pm for customers and employees.
Keep in mind, you must fill out a scorecard that is provided in your Dreamforce giveaway bag in order to be able to attend if you are neither partner, customer or employee.


Apttus is raffling off a brand new luxury electric car to one lucky Dreamforce attendee. The drawing will take place Thursday, September 17th during our super session “Achieving Digital Transformation: The Future of Success on Salesforce.”


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