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top sessions to attend accelerate 2016

As we countdown the days to Accelerate 2016, the Quote-to-Cash event of the year, that will take place at Pier 48 in San Francisco on April 12-14, we will be highlighting different aspects of the event every week in a series we call The Road to Accelerate. Each week we will cover various topics ranging from how to prepare for the conference, what to expect, and more. Last week, we touched on the impressive statistics and numbers that help put the conference into perspective. This week for the third installment, we discuss the top 15 sessions that you don’t want to miss from the event.

Accelerate, the Quote-to-Cash event of the year, will be here in a blink of an eye. We’ve already talked about the top reasons why you should attend the conference, and the amazing different numbers tied to the event. Other than the obvious perks Accelerate has to offer (Jay Leno, a live performing band, San Francisco Giants World Series trophies, food trucks, and the list goes on…) a big part of the value it brings is in the content of our breakout sessions. Of course we want to see Jay Leno on stage cracking jokes till our stomachs hurt or eat tons of great food until we hit food coma, but we also want to be recipients of great thought leadership, new skills, and industry-leading insight as well. So, we’ve compiled a list of the top sessions that you need to attend at Accelerate 2016.

The Top 15 Sessions To Attend at Accelerate

1. Grow Smart with the Sales Technology Stack Maturity Model

Speaker: Nancy Nardin

Thursday, April 14 | 3:40PM

Sales automation has become an enormous priority for organizations and without the right tools to help you automate processes, you can’t optimize your sales process, leading you to get left behind compared to your competitors. Learn how your sales technology stack ranks and get insight into the Sales Stack Maturity model.

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White Paper: Top Sales Trends of 2016

We surveyed sales leaders and executives to see what the top sales trends of 2016 are and what tools teams are investing in. Download The Report

2. Recovery, Renewal, and Reinvention: Navigating the Next Decade in the Law

Speaker: Ari Kaplan

Thursday, April 14 | 3:20PM

The modern legal professional has a new set of expectations and in this session, Ari Kaplan will show you how to embrace a new model of productivity to help proper your career forward. Whether your practice is on behalf of clients or a corporate legal department, you’ll learn how different collaborative tools, technology and other catalyzing trends can help you reinvent your profile.

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3. Top Ways to Measure Your Quote-to-Cash Impact

Speakers: Greg McLaughlin and Fady Stephanos

Thursday, April 14 | 4:15PM

The value of Quote-to-Cash solutions is tremendous – it makes life easier for your sales teams, executives, IT staff, your finance team, and more. Not to mention, it changes how you do business in many ways you never thought was possible. This session will go over the different metrics you need to keep in mind to help understand your company’s performance and full impact of QTC on your organization. Knowing what to measure will help you know which avenues need optimization.

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How to Select the Perfect Salesforce Admin

Learn the characteristics and traits that make up the perfect Salesforce Admin for your company.
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4. 8 Salesforce Hacks All Admins Should Know

Speaker: Michael Farrington

Wednesday, Aapril 13 | 2:30PM

We are all familiar with the power of Salesforce and the value it brings. But, to get the most out of it, Admins are spending tons and tons of time learning the ins and outs of the solution. Have no fear, because in this session, Michael Farrington will go over various hacks that admins, developers, or even power uses can use to make their lives easier. Learn useful shortcuts to desired outcomes, upgraded search capabilities and more.

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5. Finding and Funding Future Revenue Growth with Quote-to-Cash

Speakers: Cameron McCormick and Michelle Asselin

Thursday, April 14 | 4:15PM

In this session, you will learn how making quick changes to your contract management, pricing, product configuration workflows, sales and quoting strategies can leader to major improvements in sales and revenue. Apttus customers will be highlighted and show how the small change in their selling strategies are gaining them greater time and cost savings. Learn how to spot the most costly and disconnected processes and cut down on lost sales and profits.

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6. Sales Tips and Tricks from the Trenches

Speakers: Cameron McCormick and Michelle Asselin

Wednesday, April 13 | 1:30PM

Reaching sales success is the same, no matter if you are a start-up with a 10 man team or a Fortune 100 company. Learn valuable tips and tricks that your organization can use to source more deals, close them faster and capture more revenue so your company is capable of reaching its next level. Hear from sales leaders from different industries who know exactly what it takes to succeed in the world of sales.

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7. Take Quote-to-Cash to the Next Level with Advanced Analytics

Speaker: Sunita Banda

Wednesday, April 13 | 4:45PM

Knowledge is power in today’s economy, and Quote-to-Cash suites provide a breakthrough platform for truly understanding the dynamics of one’s customers and markets. In this session you will learn how Apttus customers apply advanced analytics to Quote-to-Cash data, to better understand and exploit critical sales trends and buying patterns impacting their businesses. See how predictive analytics and machine learning empower enterprises to take informed, proactive measures that consistently improve sales practices (like cross-selling and upselling), customer relationships and business outcomes.

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The Ultimate Guide to Quote-to-Cash

Learn everything you need to know about Quote-to-Cash, starting with what it is, how it can help your business, and the key benefits it can bring.
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8. Top Trends in Contract Management Today

Speakers: Stephen Markle and Ian Connett

Wednesday, April 13 | 4:05PM

What are the largest trends that contract managers, corporate counsel, outside attorneys, and other CLM professionals need to watch. In this session, CLM experts will tell you what trends you should watch for in the coming months. Learn what you need to follow so you can stay ahead in the fast-changing world of contract management.

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9. The New Normal: Transparency, Crisis, and Social Movements in the Digital Age

Speaker: Richard Levick

Wednesday, April 13 | 1:30PM
Businesses have become the new targets for regulators and social movements, not just for journalists. How did the Keystone XL pipeline, fracking, soda, and banks become the new tobacco? How do you see around the next corner and read the tea leaves to protect your company? What can you learn from damaged brands and industries? How do you protect market share, brands, boards, and value from a digitally empowered and active marketplace? The Internet is a revolution about power – not technology. How does your company need to change in order to adapt to this new power shift?

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10. Maximizing Salesforce Productivity in One Click

Speakers: Guillermo Pedroni and Jocelyn Fennewald

Thursday, April 14 | 3:20PM

There’s nothing more satisfying than automation to make things easier, unless it’s even more automation to make your tasks ridiculously easy. At this session, you’ll hear from companies that have used Salesforce and other tools to achieve the ultimate in automation: one-click productivity. They’ll show you how you can make yourself and your team crazy productive with a single click.

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The Ultimate Guide to Revenue Management

Learn how revenue management tools can accelerate revenue velocity, eliminate errors and risk, and gain more insight into your customers.
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11. Bring Front Office Respect to Back-Office Teams

Speaker: Linda Chuan

Thursday, April 14 | 2:30PM

Legal, Finance, Ops and Procurement teams rarely get recognized for the critical roles they play and are not necessarily seen as hitting high-visibility company goals. Linda Chuan will talk about how to communicate the value of the back-office operations to the leadership team and what metrics you can track that will get the attention of the Front Office counterparts and executives.

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12. Keep it Simple Sales: Turn Your Sales Complexity into Cash

Speaker: Terry Ackerman and Lou Dora

Wednesday, April 13 | 4:25PM

Today’s market conditions are compelling enterprises to innovate their business models, but much complexity must be managed in order to succeed. Done right, firms gain decisive competitive advantages; done incorrectly, higher costs and market irrelevance become serious threats. Learn how mastering the complexity of selling in today’s world can take your sales results to the next level.

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13. Machine Learning and Quote-to-Cash, Applying Innovation That Drives Business Advantages

Speakers: Elliot Yama and Nick McCoy

Thursday, April 14 | 1:50PM

Machine learning has been a trending topic as of late among tech gurus, but most do not understand the most critical aspect of it – the practical benefits of it and the real-world potential of these innovative technologies. With Quote-to-Cash suites, machine learning and big data can be utilized as a strategic competitive advantage and organizations can “see around corners” by being proactive instead of reactive. Learn how your company can achieve all of this by attending this session.

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14. Model Contract Clauses: The Bridge Between Safe Harbor and Privacy Shield Uncertainty

Speaker: Jason Smith

Thursday, April 14 | 1:30PM

Last fall, the invalidation of the EU Safe Harbor law, the foundation of data certainty for the past 15 years, sent global corporations operating in the EU into a compliance frenzy, presenting new challenges for how information can be collected, stored and used. Now the recently released EU-US Privacy Shield is again creating more compliance uncertainties. Underlying this compliance house of cards is one strategy anchored in a stable foundation—the use of model contract clauses that define procedures between data exporters in the EU and importers in the US. Learn how you can navigate these uncertain times with confidence in this high-level primer on the hottest topic in legal technology today.

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15. New Kids in the Cloud

Speaker: Ryan Ellis

Thursday, April 14 | 4:15PM

In this session, Salesforce will go over the fresh new beats they have planned for 2016. Listen in on their “Step by Step” plan for the Salesforce platform this year, including Lightning Experience, communities and other great attractions.

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BONUS: Women in Tech Panel

Join trailblazing women in tech as they discuss the next steps, challenges and benefits for professionals in the space. Get a chance to ask questions of your own. Hear insightful and inspiring stories from their personal successes within the Salesforce ecosystem, and learn how they have dedicated their time and talent to lead the way and create new opportunities for others.

There will also be a happy hour at 5:30pm on the first of the conference where you’ll be able to meet and network with some of the brightest women leaders in the industry. Stay tuned for more details.

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