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This month, over 150 executives were surveyed by a third party on the impact of Quote-to-Cash business transformation projects in their organization. The study provided some resounding statistics and quantifiable benefits of Quote-to-Cash that we couldn’t wait to share.

About the Quote-to-Cash Impact Study

The organizations surveyed span the globe and represent a variety of industries including communications, biotech, manufacturing, healthcare, electronics, utilities, consulting, high technology, retail, semiconductors, business services, transportation, and insurance. Respondents were in a variety of roles including IT, operations, legal, and sales.

The success metrics documented in the Quote-to-Cash Impact Study represent the average percent improvements these executives reported achieving from their Quote-to-Cash business transformation efforts.

What is Quote-to-Cash?

Quote-to-Cash connects a customer’s intent to buy with a company’s realization of revenue, and encompasses the entire sales, contract, and customer relationship lifecycles.

Because Quote-to-Cash is at the heart of every company’s ability to drive revenue and manage risk, it is arguably the most important process for businesses to master.

Below are the 10 benchmark ROI statistics of using quoting, contract, billing and e-commerce applications across an intelligent Quote-to-Cash suite.

Apttus' Quote-to-Cash footprint.

The Benchmark Statistics

Business-Wide ROI


Faster Quote-to-Cash Cycle Time


Faster time to complete Excel-based tasks


Increase in deal flow visibility


Faster time to approvals

Sales Numbers & Configure Price Quote


Faster time to quote


Reduced rogue discounting


Increase in deal closure


Increase in deal size

Contract Management & Contract Statistics


Faster contract processing


Increase in contract accuracy


Increase in compliance


Increase in contract processing volume

IT & System Admin Statistics


Faster time to export, manipulate, and import data


CRM user adoption


Faster time to between orgs

This study makes it clear the impact Apttus’ Quote-to-Cash solutions can have as a differentiator for your organization. In fact, 92% of customers agree that Apttus is a leader in the Quote-to-Cash space. Beyond process automation, Apttus’ solutions solve real business problems, while focusing on the outcomes that are important to your company.

“Apttus is a leader in Quote-to-Cash solutions and our research shows these solutions produce 4.2 times more ROI than core CRM apps.”

Rebecca Wettemann, Vice President of Nucleus Research

Apttus quote-to-cash impact study 2016.

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