March 12 by John Coppedge

Why Certification Matters

I’ve spent a significant amount of time writing and discussing certification. And there’s good reason for that – I believe certification has a number of incredibly positive transformative effects, whether it be technical or awareness focused.

Studying for certification increases the scope of your knowledge.

Preparing for certification will force you to learn about other areas of – the solutions, features and functionality you don’t use on a regular basis or may not be fully aware of. The process of learning this (even it doesn’t directly pertain to you on a daily basis) will expand your knowledge of the platform overall, and will give you a much stronger technical and business knowledge of what the platform can do. I promise, this pays dividends – even if it isn’t immediately apparent.

Certifications are the best way to broadcast your qualifications

Experience is certainly valuable, but it is difficult to quantify and measure. Certification provides a baseline – context that can be used to drive the conversation around experience. When I interview candidates with experience but no certification, my first question is “why haven’t you gotten certified?”. I then need to ask a series of questions to validate their experience and identify gaps in knowledge (see above).

It’s all about the money

OK, OK. This is more of a rehash of point #2, but bear with me. If you’re knowledge about a specific subject (be it Salesforce or Quote-to-Cash… or both!) and you have the goods (such as a certification) to prove it, you’re infinitely more valuable in the job market. Couple this with a good LinkedIn profile and your next career move may find you, instead of the other way around.

This is why I am excited about our new Quote-to-Cash certification program at Apttus. We’re launching a vendor-agnostic program that is intended to drive understanding and awareness of the Quote-to-Cash process, and its context within the ecosystem. In some ways, this program, even if not as deep and technical as functionality-based cert programs, can give you the knowledge to drive business transformation and value across your entire organization – something your more traditional feature and function programs simply do not aspire to do.

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