May 9 by Elliott Yama

Recently, Apttus’ Director of Product Marketing, Alex Gammelgard, put the closing remarks on the fifth and final presentation of the Quote-to-Cash Certification series and opened the Quote-to-Cash Certification Exam up to program attendees. In just 24 hours, over 200 program attendees had already earned their certification!

The live webinars, which attracted hundreds of business professionals weekly, might be over, but the interest surrounding the now on-demand program is still in full drive, with new waves of registrants downloading the content daily.

To Alex, the success of the program—while remarkable, doesn’t come as a shock. “The strong momentum behind this Quote-to-Cash certification program is real validation that solving the problems of a fragmented Quote-to-Cash process are a top priority for organizations.”

Attendees have a variety of titles — CMO, VP of Finance, General Counsel, Business Analysts, and come from organizations of all sizes. Alex says, “We’ve seen interest from all types of companies and all job roles because the Quote-to-Cash process impacts every business unit, in every company! And there is a sense of urgency around understanding how Sales, Finance, Legal and Operations — and their corresponding systems — can generate significant ROI by working in synch to close deals faster.”

Benefits of Getting Certified in Quote-to-Cash

The benefits of Quote-to-Cash are invaluable. Quote-to-Cash certification gives you a framework for streamlining your sales and contracting processes, so you can play an important role in closing more deals faster. But it also boosts your personal value within your company, and gives you marketable skills you can apply to all future business ventures.

Program attendees receive a mailed Quote-to-Cash Certificate and an online badge for their personal websites and LinkedIn profiles. Plus, anyone who gets certified before May 15th will be entered into a drawing for a free ticket to Accelerate 2014—the Quote-to-Cash event of the year, hosted at San Francisco’s iconic Palace Hotel on June 16-18.

Want To Get Certified? Enroll in Quote-to-Cash Certification Today

There isn’t a person out there who wouldn’t stand to gain something from getting Quote-to-Cash certified.
To register for the program, which outlines a methodology for increasing sales efficiency and effectiveness, and limiting contractual risk, follow this link. All five webinar presentations are available on-demand as
well as a comprehensive study guide, which will prepare you for the 30 question, Quote-to-Cash Certification Exam.

Those who complete the certification process will also be invited to join the Quote-to-Cash Certification Group on LinkedIn, where they can continue to expand their knowledge and connect with other Quote-to-Cash business leaders.

As special thanks to all of our certification program partners, Jitterbit, Xactly and Adobe, who are helping lead the enterprise cloud revolution and adoption of the QTC processes.

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