May 2 by Eric Dreshfield

Are you a digital transformer? An individual who thrives on pushing organizations towards a digital-first business approach? More and more companies today are appointing Chief Digital Officers to direct these transformations. At Apttus Accelerate, we have a great line up of sessions to build out a perfect day just for you!

Use Neuroscience to Make Yourself Memorable

Two days after your business presentation, your audience will forget 90% of what you shared. How can you influence what tenth they’ll remember? For your message to win a deal or drive a decision, first it must be recalled in the way that you want your audience to remember it. Join neuroscientist Carmen Simon to discover strategies for transforming yourself into a person who will be remembered. This session takes place on May 15th at 2:10pm.

Developing and Executing a Digital Commerce Strategy that Differentiates Your Business

B2B companies need differentiated customer experiences, but often struggle to create them. Join Andy Hoar, CEO of Paradigm B2B and former VP/Principal Analyst with Forrester, as he guides us through today’s complex and digitally-disrupted commerce landscape, and offers invaluable insights on best approaches to capitalizing on digital commerce. Andy is a recognized expert in advising executives on defining and implementing digital commerce strategies with high market impact and ROI. This session takes place May 15th at 2:50pm.

5 Steps to Get Started with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AccelerateMany industry analysts have predicted that 2018 will be the year that Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes mainstream in the enterprise. More enterprises are vowing to introduce AI into their businesses, but don’t know how to get started. Join Apttus’ own Elliot Yama and IBM’s Terry Lyons Smith as they present five steps to introduce AI into your business using a well thought-out approach to increase your chances of successful outcomes. This session takes place on May 15th at 4:30pm.

Digital Commerce Innovations: Unified B2B Commerce for Full Spectrum Selling

In the age of empowered business buyers, transforming internal commercial processes is only half the battle. Your customers now expect modern, self-service e-commerce buying experiences and consistency across all sales touch points. Your channel partners and internal sales teams can also benefit from the same ease, speed and convenience of a clean, intuitive digital experience. Come see how you can deliver this world class experience and accelerate growth with Apttus Digital Commerce. This session takes place on May 16th at 1:30pm and is presented by Apttus’ Lin Shearer and Todd Browning.

Smart Contracts and Blockchain: Separating Hype from Reality

Blockchain is on everyone’s mind in 2018. Among all the opinions, sales pitches, and technical jargon, what is true and what do you need to know? This session will reveal the true progress of blockchain in business today, how and when it will affect your work, and what you can do to prepare your contract and obligation management processes for this new “smart contract” technology. This session takes place on May 16th at 3:50pm and is presented by Apttus’ Cory Haynes and Microsoft’s Michael Glaros.

The Rise of the Conversational Enterprise

The ways we interact with computer software are constantly evolving. The consumerization of IT has brought about a new wave of conversational user interfaces and virtual agents. Join Apttus’ own Dan Hopkins and Assaf Gat as they show how Apttus Max uses a conversational interface to simplify your business applications by aligning with how and where your users work – through text, touch, or voice – to give you a more natural and engaging user experience. This session takes place on May 16th at 4:30pm.

Digital experts can learn a lot at Apttus Accelerate. Don’t forget to also take time to visit our sponsors and network with your fellow attendee – they are also full of knowledge and always willing to share it!

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