Accelerating Digital Transformation: Apttus + Conga




One day just over a year ago, a journalist asked me if Apttus might grow inorganically; in other words, through merger or acquisition. (It’s a question I often get from employees at All Hands meetings, too.)

My response then: We’re always looking at adjacencies to figure out where we could buy great tech, great people, or both. If it makes sense for the business and really is accretive in the way that we want to position our value in front of the customer, we’re certainly eager to do it and we think it’s a great way to grow.

I’m excited to say those criteria have been met—abundantly!—in today’s joining of Apttus and Conga. Now combined, we go forward as an all-new Conga with a single-minded focus on helping our customers achieve digital transformation, so that they can work at the speed of their customers.

It’s an ambitious pursuit. And bringing companies and technologies together, especially those as fast-moving and complex as ours, can be a challenging task for any leadership team. I believe that we have an advantage in that Apttus and Conga are a fundamentally great culture fit. We’re two companies united by shared values. We’re committed to improving how people do business. We understand that game-changing tech comes from empowered teams. And we put our customers’ success first.

In keeping with those priorities and, as we move from announcing today’s news to the real work of integrating global teams, customer experience will be a key focus. We know that sustaining both companies’ current momentum, continuing to deliver innovation, and providing world-class service and support are critical (perhaps even more so in the post-COVID-19 world).

Everyone who’s been part of Apttus’ journey can be confident knowing that those commitments will not wane. And as the new Conga, we’ll offer a complete solution to help companies maximize business outcomes. You’ll be business-agile—more effectively driving revenue generation, managing key relationships, and ensuring a faster, smarter sales cycle from start to finish.

Today’s announcement represents both the work Apttus has done over the past 18 months to improve operational excellence, customer focus, and our culture, as well as the opportunity—with the addition of Conga, an established market leader in its own right—to solve bigger problems for businesses of all sizes.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in today’s announcement, our 12,000 combined customers, and our 1,800 employees worldwide for your continued trust and partnership.

I’m deeply humbled to be leading the company into its next chapter, and I couldn’t be more excited for our future.

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