January 14 by Kamal Ahluwalia

Every sci-fi movie set in the far off, and even not so far off, future depicts flying cars zipping from place to place. While it doesn’t seem likely I’ll be able to bypass the Bay Bridge and hover across the water on my morning commute any time soon, the viability of driverless cars is here.

Just last week Audi’s driverless car, the A7, completed a 550 Driverless Audi A7mile journey from San Francisco to Las Vegas, successfully navigating streets, interstates, and other drivers. The A7 gathers information from a series of sensors along the body of the car which transmit to the car’s computer system informing it when to speed up, slow down, turn, change lanes, pass cars, brake etc. In fact, with a full 360° degree view of its surroundings and fully automated decision capabilities, the driverless car can arguably react faster and with better judgment than human drivers.

The car marks a new pinnacle in the Internet of Things, the ultimate connected device. It’s truly a remarkable feat in modern technology, but let’s one up it.

Meanwhile on Mars…

nasa-NASA-curiosity-mars-roverFor over a decade now, a self-propelled rover has been traversing the unknown, uncharted Martian landscape. And it has been doing so without the luxury of GPS navigation systems, street signs, or even paved roads. We were able to use our collective knowledge and our collective technology to put a vehicle on a planet 249 million miles away to explore new worlds and discover new opportunities.

If we can do it with cars, and we can do it on Mars, why don’t we do it with our business?

Make Your Business Driverless

A driverless, even intelligent, business is not as outlandish as it sounds. Amazon is already pioneering the space with drone delivery and robot employees. It’s time to apply the same self-driving, machine-learning technology to the C-Suite.

Using predictive, prescriptive and even cognitive analytics, will provide you with superior reporting, greater agility, and more actionable data than you could generate on your own. Like the driverless A7, your business system can eliminate the burden of administrative updates by enabling the system to take action based on identification of patterns of behavior. And like the Mars Rover, use it to navigate unexplored opportunities with what-if revenue analysis and dynamic recommendation engines.

Ultimately, you will see around corners and react faster than competition.

Analytics Sidebar

With the advent of Big Data, all of the necessary information and context has already been aggregated and stored within your business intelligence system. Now you can tap into that data to perform a combination of machine-driven actions, alerts, and metric-based goal tracking in real-time.


Enjoy hands free management. Discover new market potential. Work with unprecedented speed. The technology is here – harness it – stop waiting for flying cars.

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