March 29 by Markus Zirn

Configure price quote (CPQ) and contract lifecycle management (CLM) are crucial processes for most businesses, so it’s important that they run smoothly. Traditionally, however, managing the Quote-to-Cash process and contract lifecycle has been complex and disjointed. It can be difficult to coordinate between many different apps, stakeholders, and micro-processes.

Intelligent automation is changing the way that businesses approach both CPQ and CLM. Instead of working with disparate apps or sources of information, you can construct fully automated workflows that manage those processes for you.

Workato is the first to integrate with the Apttus Intelligent Cloud, and Workato’s own AI-enhanced intelligent automation platform allows Apttus customers to automate their customer and revenue operations end-to-end. And Workato isn’t just the first; our automation platform is also the only platform that works with both Apttus Intelligent Cloud and the classic Apttus product.

With intelligent automation, businesses can construct a variety of workflows that will make both CPQ and CLM faster, more agile, and more intelligent. Here are a few examples of how automation can enhance your business from contracting to procurement and beyond.

Streamlining the Quote-to-Cash Cycle

A big hurdle in the Quote-to-Cash process is moving information to the right system, at the right time. Because most businesses use several specialized, best-of-breed apps to manage different areas or tasks, moving information around can involve a lot of tedious data entry. It can also make the CPQ process take much longer, because the data doesn’t move in real-time.

Automated workflows can streamline the Quote-to-Cash process by syncing data between apps with zero lag time. CPQ workflows can coordinate across key apps like your CRM (such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics), your ERP or finance app (like SAP, Oracle, or NetSuite), and Apttus. For example, every time there’s a new invoice in Apttus, Workato can automatically create a corresponding invoice in NetSuite and update the payment status in Salesforce—all in real time. That saves you a lot of manual data entry and speeds up the quote-to-cash cycle!

Smarter Procurement with Intelligent Contracts, Automated Approvals, and Secure Storage

Because contracts often vary from customer to customer, bridging the gap between contracting and procurement can be one of the most labor-intensive aspects of doing business. It’s important for the process to run smoothly, so you can deliver high-quality service to the customer and bill them correctly—and promptly.

By integrating Apttus with your service apps (like ServiceNow or JIRA) and your procurement apps (such as Coupa), you can automate workflows across the entire contract lifecycle for all types of contracts from sales and service to procurement. For example, you can automatically sync new contracts in Apttus to suppliers in your finance app, like Workday. Once the contract is finalized in Apttus, Workato can automatically update the billing and procurement rules in Workday. You can even sync payments and invoices back to Apttus for improved compliance tracking.

You can also reduce the time required to get approvals and contract signatures with intelligent approval workflows through Workbot, a platform bot that works with messaging apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams. Finally, you can build an automation that moves finalized, signed contracts into a cloud storage app—such as Box—for secure storage.

Empowering Teams with Comprehensive Insights

Your enterprise apps contain so much valuable data. But a lot of it goes unused, because it’s difficult to access or needs to be complemented with data from other sources. And if you can’t easily mine your business data for insights, it’s much more difficult to make strategic decisions.

Automation gives you a simple yet powerful way to access those key insights. Instead of keeping information from your service app (like ServiceNow) and Apttus siloed, for example, you can automatically push that data wherever it needs to go for easy consumption. If you build a workflow that automatically syncs service level agreement (SLA) items from Apttus to ServiceNow, monitors the asset performance, and syncs that performance back to Apttus, you can easily gauge actual SLA compliance. Automations like this one are a robust but business-user friendly way to empower strategic decision-making across your business.

Apttus + Workato = Endless Possibilities

These scenarios are just examples; with Workato and Apttus, the automation possibilities are endless. No matter which automations you choose to create, the partnership between Apttus and Workato empowers you to achieve scalable growth by integrating your CLM and CPQ operations with the rest of your business systems.

Ready to intelligently automate your CLM and CPQ workflows? Visit Workato to learn more.

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