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Today’s information feeds move so quickly it’s easy to miss something important. To help you stay current on the latest insights from Apttus, here’s a quick summary our blog posts from April.

Converging Processes – Extending the Concept of a “Smart City” (Part 1)

The concept of a Smart City has been around for thousands of years. As technology advances the notion of what smart is changes. Today’s smartest cities use technology to conserve resources and enhance the lives of its citizens. Read the full post from Vijay Shah to learn more, and watch for part 2 very soon.

Presenting the Apttus Salesforce MVP of the Month, April 2018: Bill Powell

Salesforce MVP

Apttus appreciates all the great things Salesforce MVPs do to help grow the Community as well as help others learn more and grow their careers. Apttus is thrilled to introduce their latest Salesforce MVP of the Month. For April, 2018, we highlight the leader of the South Jersey Salesforce Saturday group, Bill Powell.

Blockchain and Healthcare: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Rising healthcare costs will continue to encourage disruption across the healthcare ecosystem in the years ahead. Blockchain technologies are poised to open cost reduction opportunities and increase transparency across the industry. Read the full post from Sharath Beedu to learn more.

The Convergence of Price Optimization and CPQ

Over the past couple of years, Price Optimization and Management (PO&M) tools and Configure Price Quote (CPQ) tools have begun to have more in common than the word price. These new, blended Quote-to-Cash solutions are set to truly empower sales. Read the full post from Brion Schweers to learn more.

Data: A Hot Commodity or The New Gold

data protection

Data protection is a hot topic now as companies like Facebook talk about usage of customer data, and as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation looms on the horizon. Is data a hot commodity to be traded, or is it the new gold, to be saved? Read the full post from Cory Haynes to learn more.


Apttus Accelerate

Looking for information about Accelerate 2018? Start with these blogs, and visit the Accelerate site for even more details.

Need help convincing your manager you should attend Accelerate? This post, How to Convince Your Manger to Send You has 3 big reasons why you need to be there!  Looking for more reasons to attend Accelerate – there’s 10 more in 20 Days Till Accelerate: 10 Reasons to Attend!

With 50 sessions, Accelerate has something for everyone. Interested in learning about Applied Artificial Intelligence, what it takes to implement, and the benefits you can see? Read this post to learn which sessions are right for you. Are you pushing your company towards a digital-first business approach? This post highlights the session you should attend. Are you a business leader, looking to cement your knowledge on digital commerce, monetization stratgies or other business transformation ideas? We’ve outlined the best sessions for you in this post. Are you an IT executive hoping to gain more details on technology trends that matter, and you can take best advantage of them? We have sessions detailed for you in this post. Are you wondering how other Apttus customers disrupted their industries so their company’s could lead the way? The sessions in this post are worthy of your attention.

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