July 18 by Melissa Diver

Apttus had a busy week on the road this week. Here are some quick hits on the what is top of mind out in the field:

SF1-LA-Selfie1. In Anaheim for Salesforce1 World Tour Southern California, salesforce.com’s President of Sales and Customer Success Maria Martinez delivered a keynote on how mobile technology is reshaping the way companies can connect with consumers. “The palm of your hand is a powerful place,” explains John Edelman from Design Within Reach. “The consumer is already living on their mobile device, and almost overnight corporate America had to catch up.”


JS2. In New York City, the best minds in the Legal Community met to discuss the importance of using technology to improve performance at the Argyle Executive Forum. One of the general themes explored by the panel included ways to use metrics and benchmarks to show progress and analyze legal contribution to the company. The impending results include a better understanding how the company makes its money, a chance to shorten sales cycles, and to reshape misconceptions that legal is a cost center.



Kamal-23. In Menlo Park at the Force United CIO Innovators Summit, a variety of industry luminaries, including our very own Kamal Ahluwalia took turns discussing the trends of modern business and innovation. Speed is a must. And so is mobile. But the biggest demand might be for change. As ServiceMax’s Allison Taslim points out “we’re working in one of the most transformative times ever in business.” Companies with the ability to stay agile and receptive to the ever-evolving landscape will avoid becoming a company of yesterday. Silicon Valley represents a digital tar pit. Those who don’t move fast enough become a fossil.


SVUG-24. In the heart of Silicon Valley, at the Salesforce User Group Summit, author of “Profit from the Positive” Senia Maymin provided an interactive talk offering the audience techniques on how to increase productivity, collaboration and profitability. One of the key takeaways was 75% of people found they are more likely to complete a task if they assign a specific time and location to work on it rather than finishing it by a certain date.


A-Team-ATL5. In Atlanta, the sales reps from all across the eastern seaboard and southern half of the United States gathered for advanced sales training. The lesson from The Peach State was simple; there’s no substitution for hard work. As business legend Jack Welch once said, “An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.”

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