August 10 by Nana Gregg

So I have a confession to make. Back in High School I was the school mascot. You know the one that dresses up in the costume and dances at football and basketball games? The one in the middle of the gym doing the booty shake to get the crowd pumped up? Yea, that was me. But nope, those weren’t my confessions (as embarrassing as they are to look back on)! My confession is that, while on the outside I look like an extrovert, I’m really a bit of an introvert. An introverted-extrovert. That’s a mouthful. I don’t mind getting in front of crowds of people, I don’t have a problem making a fool of myself, but large crowds intimidate me, almost as much as making ‘small talk’ intimidates me! 14967668733_9769494cdc_zWhen you look at an event like Dreamforce which had over 140,000 registrants last year, for someone like me, Dreamforce can be a stress-inducing concept! The streets are packed, the coffee shops are packed, the elevators and escalators are packed, and people are herded (very politely) into the keynotes like cattle. There are smart and cool people EVERYWHERE! And not only that, most of them like to make small talk when they walk beside you or sit next to you in a session because they are nice polite, non-introverted people! This year will be my fourth Dreamforce. I’m so blessed to have a company that understands the colossal benefit attending Dreamforce is to my growth as an admin. With Dreamforce inching closer and closer by the day, there are some ways to make it a less-stressful experience that I am personally using to mentally prepare myself:

1. Community. Community, Community, Community!

Follow Salesforce community success groupsI can’t say it enough! Join in before the event. Meet your virtual neighbors. I wrote a post a while back on the importance of community and cannot stress enough how important it is to the career and well-being of an Awesome Admin! There are several groups you can join on the Success Community leading up to Dreamforce where you can get information, meet people, and make plans! Go join these groups now!

  • All Dreamforce – the ‘official’ group for all things Dreamforce
  • Flyin’ Solo – a group for those attending Dreamforce alone
  • #Dreamforce Parties & Networking – the hub of all the parties happening!
  • Admins @ Dreamforce – this group is where you’ll get updates on all the awesome stuff happening for Admins
  • And so many more… just go to the Success Community, click on Groups and search the word Dreamforce. Then join away!

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2. Use Trailhead

DF15 Trailhead trail for Dreamforce 2015Like a good scout, prepare for your experience! There is a brand spanking new Dreamforce Trail on Trailhead to help you get ready for your Dreamforce ’15 experience! Go, right now, and run down the trail! You will find so many precious nuggets of information, tips, tricks and advice on how to walk into Dreamforce like a Boss!

3. Assume That You Belong

My favorite quote is “Assume You Belong!” Now repeat with me: “I Belong!”… Okay, louder this time- “I BELONG!” When you walk into the Dev Zone or the Admin Zone at Dreamforce, and break out into a cold sweat seeing all the people and stations and start wondering what in the world you are doing there. ASSUME YOU BELONG! Because you do! Seriously, if you aren’t awesome there is some sort of sensor on the door that kicks you out – since you got in, guess what… you are part of the neighborhood!

4. Plan some downtime

relaxFor me, this means loading up some great music on my phone and taking a walk with my headphones on in between sessions (just be sure to watch for traffic – I’m not liable for you being squished by a bus)! Or finding a restaurant where I can sit alone and reflect. Or finding a nice tucked away spot at the Moscone where I can quietly people-watch. I need alone time to recharge my batteries – it helps me balance the extrovert with the introvert, so don’t be afraid to step away when things get overwhelming! If you need someone to just sit next to and not talk with, I’m your gal! We can be introverted together! Related: Top 5 Unique Places to Visit in San Francisco During Dreamforce 2015 Have you begun preparing for Dreamforce? It’s right around the corner and I can’t wait to be there! I hope you’ll be my neighbor in the Dreamforce Community!


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