August 13 by Eric Dreshfield

Businesses must transform the most critical parts of their enterprise operations to succeed in today’s digital economy. This requires organizations to digitize their revenue operations and move towards subscription and annuity-based business models, thus accelerating a transition towards cognitive commerce and automated, AI-driven Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) processes.

Organizations often experience uncertainty in the road from opportunity to revenue and many deal with key challenges such as:
Complicated sales systems
Revenue assurance concerns
Legal compliance risks

Unless the path is paved with a seamless Quote-to-Cash (QTC) solution to transform the way they drive sales and improve revenue, organizations will continue to struggle. With a transformed QTC process organizations will see:
Increased agility
Better user experience for customers
Maximized business outcomes

So, how do organizations overcome these key revenue operations challenges?

On August 20th, join Apttus to learn how businesses are modernizing their revenue operations to embrace this digital transformation – from evolving strategy and execution to ensuring business enablement and growth acceleration. Some takeaways from the event include:
Insights into trends, disruptions, and a functional view of CPQ and cognitive commerce
Identification of new and smart business channels and key customer journey design guidelines
Deep dive into Apttus solutions and how Wipro and Apttus jointly drive positive business outcomes

Apttus provides industry-leading Quote-to-Cash solutions that enable enterprises to automate, optimize, and apply AI to the most important processes for any enterprise – revenue generation and management of commercial relationships – all on a single data model. Apttus Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ), Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), and other QTC solutions digitally transform manual, disjointed revenue and legal processes to accelerate sales cycles, increase revenue yield, and reduce contract cycle times.

At Apttus, we are partnering with Wipro to deliver best-in-class CLM, CPQ, and Revenue Management solutions to help organizations solve their most critical business challenges. Our unique QTC functionalities combined with Wipro’s CPQ/CLM solutions suite and expertise in solution implementations across industries empower organizations to embrace new business models, predict quarterly outcomes, and meet increasingly complex customer demands without delays or risks.

Click here to register for this informative event today and learn to transform your business operations.

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