September 17 by Zack Alspaugh

The Dreamforce keynote delivered much of the pomp and magic we’ve come to expect and love. Marc Benioff showed off a pair of his geek-chic shoes, Lightning Man struck for a second time, Stevie Wonder surprised us with a musical performance with a breakdown of “Dreamforce is the sunshine of my heart!” and of course we were all given a glance into the future of Salesforce, the platform technology, and the landscape of business to come.

Stevie Wonder at DreamforceA little less than a year ago we were all introduced to Salesforce Analytics Wave, which was the start of democratizing Business Intelligence and putting to rest “the land of BI broken promises,” as Benioff put it. This year, the theme was taking the next step with analytics and connecting all of the available data to actionable steps. We exist in a sea of available data, information, and metrics but more often than not fail to apply it in the right places and at the right time. It’s much like having a life-time supply of canned food, but no can opener. The goal is to operate with greater precision, creating high
fidelity relationships with customers.

The Main Frame Age is coming to an end. It will simply be a sedimentary layer of tech history likely to be long forgotten like the Paleozoic Era – Rest In Peace. Taking it’s place is a new world of connectivity and real-time response. We are experiencing major advancements in technology at rates never before seen. Five major concurrent revolutions are taking place:

  • The Cloud Revolution: Business is running at unprecedented speeds, barriers of entry are low and innovation is extremely high
  • The Mobile Revolution: Everyone has high-powered computers at their fingertips. By 2020, experts predict there will be 6 billion smart phones
  • The Social Revolution: Interaction is at an all-time high. Facebook recently announced that 1 billion people used their network in a single day.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) Revolution: There are billions of connected devices, from cars to watches, creating trillions of interactions
  • The Revolution of Data Science: There is a
    growing focus on data and analytics, creating greater
    access to insight

Marc BenioffBenioff forecast that these 5 revolutions are converging to create a customer revolution, which he referred to as the Internet of Customers. Behind every channel of engagement and these trillions of interactions, is a customer. Yet, on average 77% of customers aren’t engaged with a company. This is a tragic blind spot. Creating strong one to one, personalized experience for each of your customers is imperative. With all of the available information and data, they expect to get instant and high quality service or will look elsewhere. Bridging the gap between data, insight and action is the final mile to achieving the ultimate customer success.


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