Do You See Over 140% ROI From Your CPQ Solution?



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According to a case study by Nucleus Research, Extreme Networks saw a 141% ROI with Conga’s Apttus CPQ software solution. In fact, the entire implementation saw payback in a little over nine months. How were Extreme Networks able to meet and exceed their goals so quickly?

Apttus CPQ empowered Extreme Networks to increase overall employee productivity by 15% with automated code generation and feature set capable of managing multi-tiered pricing. Additionally, the time it took for Extreme Networks to generate a quote dropped from three days to 20 minutes while the time to provide a quote estimate decreased from four hours down to 10 minutes. Extreme Networks newfound speed and agility meant they could get more deals, faster.

“With the foundational capabilities implemented with Apttus CPQ, Extreme Networks is now able to make giant leaps forward in the handling of its service and subscription business, knowing the underlying system can support our future growth needs,” said Rob Rosa, Senior Vice President of WW Service Sales at Extreme Networks.

Nucleus Research highlights a few key benefits of the Apttus CPQ implementation. Along with the increase in employee productivity, Nucleus Research also noted how these time savings led to increased customer satisfaction and profits as renewal rates continued to climb. The enhancements in automated co-terming and auto-generation helped Extreme Networks get quotes generated and ready for approval and submission, meaning fewer offshore SFDC administrators and employees were needed.

“Extreme Networks’ deployment of Apttus CPQ highlights the necessity of exploring alternative solutions even when facing the intimidating costs associated with switching, implementing, and training for a new system,” said Nick Grizzell, an analyst at Nucleus and author of the report. “With Apttus CPQ, Extreme Networks’ teams took the solution to production out of the box with powerful tools to aid in time savings and cost efficiencies.”

“Businesses today don’t have time to spare because buyers want quotes in near real-time,” said Eric Carrasquilla, SVP of Product at Conga. “When you can give a quote faster than the competition, you have the advantage. Apttus CPQ helps organizations achieve commercial excellence by empowering sales teams to sell more effectively with less time.”

Download the Nucleus Research Extreme Networks CPQ Case Study today!

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