June 12 by Eric Dreshfield

Today, Apttus announced it is establishing the world’s first innovation lab for Middle Office solutions: Omni Accelerator – The Apttus Innovation Lab.

What is Omni Accelerator?

Businesses must continue to evolve and lead with innovation to stay ahead of the competition. Omni Accelerator is the next evolution in the Apttus culture of innovation. The Omni Accelerator team is chartered with exploring, identifying, and executing innovative technology development opportunities that enhance Apttus’ portfolio and provide greater value to customers.

By focusing on advancing The Intelligent Middle Office platform’s capabilities, the Omni Accelerator team will influence Apttus’ product vision, roadmap, and thought leadership in the marketplace. Whether through blockchain or intelligent assistants like Apttus Max, upgrading implementation processes, or enhancing the existing suite of products, Omni Accelerator will ensure Apttus continues to lead from the front in the Middle Office space.

Why Kind of Issues Will Omni Accelerator Help?

Omni Accelerator will focus on customer outcomes and issues that are directly related to the value of any organization. Responsible for breakthrough technologies like Max, Apttus has already shown that user adoption can be greatly increased through an intelligent, conversational interface that handles the day-to-day creation and editing of records in CRM by allowing the user to simply tell Max what needs to happen.

Developments like these, leveraging insight and experience from supporting the Middle Office space’s largest customer base, demonstrate just how deeply rooted the Omni Accelerator is in the Apttus spirit of innovation.

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