January 14 by Kent Perkocha

Today is a special day for the AppExchange, for Salesforce, and for the thousands of companies that have built their apps on the platform. Ten years ago AppExchange launched, providing a marketplace for companies to list apps, for users to find and review tools, for people and companies alike to increase productivity and ultimately transform the way they do business. Today is more than just a birthday celebration, it marks “the democratization of software,” a revolution in SaaS, a turning point in many companies’ trajectories.

For Apttus in particular, it has proven to be a monumental moment in our evolution. A decade ago, when AppExchange approached us to join upon launch, we went all in. In 2006, Apttus was nothing more than our core Configure Price Quote and Contract Management apps and my two fellow visionary founders working out of a makeshift in-home office (a laundry room next to the garage). This is where Apttus was hatched. We held a majority of our meetings there – it was tough. The room was noisy, and uncomfortable and one founder, Neehar Giri’s wife- was conducting Dance classes in the next room. There was a lot going on! It was a tough drive we had belief in the market for these solutions and our ability to create them with the game changing technology available to use with the Salesforce platform.

salesforce appexchange comparison

Since we’ve gotten a real office space (9 of them actually) and have grown into the category defining leader in Quote-to-Cash with 500 customers, 450,000 licenses, 1000+ employees spread worldwide. Our early partnership with Salesforce and AppExchange has been an integral part to that success. Quite frankly, we couldn’t imagine a world without the AppExchange, and many of our customers echoed that sentiment:

Greg McLaughlin, AppNexus

      : “The AppExchange is a wonderful example of free-market entrepreneurialism. It is like a virtual Main Street USA with mega corporations presenting their large-scale enterprise-wide solutions, right alongside 3-person start-ups working out of their basements and pitching their innovative products. And there is a solution for just about any business need or challenge that could possibly exist. Some of my favorites include; Apttus including CPQ, CLM and X-Author as well as ScanBizCards, SideKick, Clearslide, Docusign, Insidesales.com, Gainsight, Salesloft, Velocify, Toutapp, and ContactMonkey.”


Jennifer Kinstle, Comdata

      : “AppExchange allows you to expand Salesforce functionality and bring it to a whole new level. With apps to organize (like agile accelerator) and apps to manage business (like Apttus Contract Management), the functionality and breadth of solution you can create through Salesforce and AppExchange is immense!”


Jodi Stamford, SunGard

      : “I love AppExchange as you get to see all the best resources out there. It can be really useful to know there is an amazing app that does exactly what you need when on the go.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be a birthday celebration without cake, card and presents!

In true AppExchange fashion we crowd-reviewed some birthday gift options. A group of Salesforce MVPs had some clever ideas. Be sure to tweet us @Apttus using the hashtag #AppExchange10 with your own birthday gift suggestions.

Peter Knolle



        ) advised: “A pair of Sunglasses because The App Exchange’s future’s so bright, it’s gotta wear shades!”


Amber Boaz



        ) had a creative suggestion: “Google says that the traditional gift for 10th anniversaries is tin or aluminum. It seems like a bunch of cold, canned (adult) beverages might be the way to go!”


Kelly Bentubo



        ) says: “Hands down a DeLorean time machine, so we can check on future AppExchange products and release features!”


Tracy Kronzak



        ) writes: It’s very own TARDIS, because the App Exchange is bigger on the inside.

From everyone at Apttus and our Quote-to-Cash ecosystem THANK YOU & HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

salesforce appexchange birthday card
Posted by Kent Perchoka on January 14, 2016.

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