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Each year Dreamforce tops itself as the planet’s, nay the galaxy’s most attended, most exciting cloud conference. We are exactly 50 days away from Dreamforce 2015! Time keeps ticking and the anticipation continues to mount.

Here is a look at our 14 favorite Highlights from DF14, as we continue to look forward to DF15:

1. All of the Attendees

DreamforceFor 4 days, San Francisco becomes a beehive of activity as 100,000 Dreamforce attendees converge on Moscone Center. It’s the largest congregation of Salesforce users, in any given place at once. It’s pretty remarkable to see the size and reach of the Salsforce Success Community in person. In addition to all of those people, there are over 1,500 sessions and thousands of live solutions from the world’s largest cloud ecosystem.

2. All of the Parties!

Comparable to the amount of people on site at Dreamforce is the number of parties. From Happy Hours, to get-togethers, to blowouts, there are tons of parties taking place all across the city each day of the conference.Some of which will run deep into the night. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to attend, be sure to register for our full party calendar and get updates on all party invitations as soon as they hit the wire.

3. Marc Benioff’s Keynote

Salesforce founder and CEO, Marc Benioff knows how to work the Dreamforce crowd on the Salesforce cloud shaped stage in the center of the Moscone Expo Hall. Afterall, he’s been doing it for over a decade now. Each year Benioff features key product launches, special guests, and of course a brand new pair of @BenioffShoes! Here are the video highlights from last year’s keynote.

4. Surprise Performance By the Beach Boys

Part of the special guest appearances during Mr. Benioff’s keynote included a surprise performance by the Beach Boys. Here is them playing “Good Vibrations,” which basically sums up my DF14 experience. Nothing but happy times the whole time!

6. Will.i.am and Neil Young

While on the subject of music, two iconic musicians Will.i.am from the Black Eyed Pees legendary singer songwriter Neil Young joined the lineup of speakers at Dreamforce 2014. MR. Young discussed how he used cloud technology to help grow Prono, which brings high-quality to sound to digital music. Will.i.am discussed the improtance of education, giving back, and the growing trend of wearable technolgoy.

7. Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton at DreamforceThe former U.S. Secretary of State tackled more serious issues, starting with the “word gap” that divides children from lower-income families from those with more socioeconomically advantages. Of course, we were all very excited to see our CEO, Kirk Krappe open for Hillary, with an exclusive Salesforce Live interview. Other notable speakers and dignitatries at Dreamforce 2014 included Vice President Al Gore, Huffington Post founder and CEO Arianna Huffington, and sales maven Tony Robbins.

8. Expo Floor Giveaways

Dreamforce is always loaded with amazing swag and contests. Some of the top giveaways included iPads, Jawbones, 3D printers, an opportunity to ride in a Formula 1 race car, and even cash money. Check out the list of last year’s
Best Booth Giveaways here.

9. Philanthropy

While companies were giving away cool swag, attendees were giving back. At DF14, Salesforce and attendees were able to raise $9M for the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital and 3 Million Meals Donated (1M from attendees, matched by Marc Benioff & Tony Robbins). Pretty remarkable.

10. Drones

DF14 seemed to be the year of the drones. During the main Keynote, a Coca-Cola drone flew over the audience and delivered an ice cold Coke to the stage. Apttus was able to capture overhead footage of the Dreamforce campus with a drone. Watch the footage below. gorgeous San Francisco skyline like you’ve never seen it before!

11. Salesforce Launches New Analytics Cloud

The Wave is breaking in the realm of business intelligence (yes, pun intended). Last year at Dreamforce 2014, Marc Benioff unveiled the new Salesforce Analytics Cloud and Analytics Wave. Less than a year later, any and every business user is able to explore any combination of data, get answers instantly and share them across the company. Of course, a lot has changed with the Analytics Cloud, since its debut. Get the latest demo here.

12. All of the Salesforce MVPs

There are many people who are passionate about the capabilities of the Salesforce platform, but none as passionate as the Salesforce MVPs. It’s thanks to these individuals that our daily questions have been answered on the Success Community, difficult admin tasks have been made easier, and even empowered some of us to get certified. They travel in form across the globe to attend Dreamforce. Don’t miss your opportunity to meet and mingle with the best and brightest within the Salesforce Success Community. I got to meet some face to face for the first time – Eric Dreahfield, Geraldine Grey, Andrew Gross, Deepa patel, and Cheryl Feldman to name a few – and I’ll admit I was a little star-struck.

13. The Apttus Dance Crew

Not only does it feature awesome dance moves, but it also features real Apttus employees. This Quote-to-Cash music video made its debut at Dreamforce.

14. The Green Zone

Apttus at DreamforceThe Quote-to-Cash Green Zone was Last year’s most popular Dreamforce hang-out. Attendees were able to drop by, sit and relax, meet fellow DF14 attendees, as well as grab a drink or snack while catching up on all things Dreamforce. It’s a significant highlight because the Chevy’s that had hosted the GZ is under construction and will not be open during Dreamforce – R.I.P. (Remodel in Peace). This year the Green Zone will be spread across three locations: Bearded Papa’s, The Oasis Bar and Grill, and The Marriott View.
Look for your Green Zone invite in your conference bag.

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