Salesforce Data Loader

Simultaneously load data for unlimited objects using Excel

What is a Salesforce Data Loader

Save time and reduce errors with one-click uploading, simplifying data integrity and record creation processes. X-Author empowers Administrators with a Salesforce data load tool to help maintain data with unprecedented control and accuracy.

Salesforce data Loader Screenshot

Benefits of an Excel and Salesforce Data Loader

Save valuable time by leveraging Excel’s efficient and familiar tools to mass edit data in Salesforce.
Salesforce Administrators can easily create and securely distribute data loading templates that business users understand. Excel functionality makes data deduplication and data integrity fast and simple.

• Load unlimited objects to Salesforce from one template
• Load records to Salesforce without converting to CSV format

Capabilities for an Excel and Salesforce Data Loader

X-Author supports the download of data in any format anywhere in an Excel workbook. Work across worksheets, insert formula columns, and save results directly back to Salesforce.

Load and maintain data for one or more related or unrelated objects simultaneously and directly in Excel. Load attachments along with Salesforce records.

• Mass update to Salesforce any amount of data for any number of objects from one workbook
• Load attachments to Salesforce from Excel

Salesforce Data Loader Screenshot

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