Subscription Billing and Management

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Apttus Billing and Subscription Management is the world’s only billing solution built on your CRM and fully integrated with the entire Quote-to-Cash process. From subscription to usage to hard goods billing, Apttus helps you invoice your customers in the way that works best for them. With the rise of the digital economy you need to support any order, charge model, or channel and ensure you can bill and collect easily without building and maintaining custom code.

From start to finish, Apttus manages the entire quote-to-cash process. And unlike other standalone billing systems, Apttus is always in sync with your customer orders, agreements and assets, so you’ll get fewer errors, faster payment and happier customers.

Subscription Billing Management

Subscription billing management is the front end process of ensuring the proper invoice is sent to the customer on time, and with all the accurate information and billing terms. While the order is being processed, order information (available in the contract) moves to your finance team so they can generate billing schedules based on the contract. And since many companies are now selling a bundle of products, services and subscriptions, it’s critical that invoices clearly explain what customers are getting billed for. And if there are any changes, swaps, deletes and additions to the order, that increases the complexity of invoices. Apttus Subscription Billing Management eliminates the possible manual errors.

Apttus Billing and Subscription Management is the world’s only billing solution built on your CRM and fully integrated with the entire Quote-to-Cash process.

Features of our Billing System


Subscription Billing Software

Traditionally billing information lived in the ERP system, but in order to provide flexibility to the sales team and enable newer charge models, billing needs to be managed in the front office. So if there are any changes, swaps, deletes, and additions to the order you’ll be able to manage those complexities as they happen and process invoices that both you and your customer can agree on. At the end of the day, the goal for effective billing is to generate an accurate and easy-to-understand invoice.

Direct Integration with your Quotes and Contracts

Create customer friendly quotes and contracts using Apttus Configure Price Quote (CPQ) and Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), then leverage the same objects and information to manage subscriptions, generate invoices and collect payments.

Centralized Financial Data

Gain business agility when all your contracts and invoices are in one central place— eliminating integration issues and increasing visibility and payment turnarounds.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Leverage your CRM and ERP investments by automatically generating invoices for any type of service or product, without manual intervention.

Support for All Sales Channels

Improve retention and responsiveness when customers, partners and resellers get accurate invoices that are tied directly to their latest orders, contracts and assets.

Flexible Invoicing and Billing

Produce more ways to increase your revenue with highly configurable options to bill and present invoices.

360 Degree Financial View

Increase visibility in how much you owe and how much you get paid with all your financial and asset data in one place—giving a 360 degree view of all billing, payments and financial history.

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