Meet Max

The World’s First Quote-to-Cash Virtual Assistant


Simplify repetitive day to day tasks. Let’s face it, sellers want to be out selling, but they still must complete mundane tasks. Max makes these tasks as easy as having a conversation anywhere, anytime.

• Update opportunity
• Search for contracts
• Check quote status


Direct you step by step through a business workflow. Like a Sherpa, Max expertly navigates you around infrequently accessed tasks while steering you through established company policies.

• Request an agreement
• Create quote
• Send for approval


Recommend actions to achieve the best outcome. We all need feedback, thought-provoking questions and encouragement to up our game. Max will proactively offer advice to make your sellers perform like your best sellers.

• Recommend pricing
• Alert for up-sell opportunities
• Give quota-attainment nudges

Meet Max…

A virtual assistant that uses a conversational interface to simplify your Quote-to-Cash
applications. Max naturally aligns with how and where your users work, delivering a faster and
more effective experience.

Max helps businesses create optimal deals, configure solutions, prepare quotes, update contracts, manage discounting and pricing and manage many other user functions.

Now the Quote-to-Cash process is social, mobile, collaborative, conversational and easier than ever.

Max Works For You At Key Moments of Your Selling Day

Max naturally aligns with how and where your users work, delivering a faster and more effective experience. From automating mundane tasks to proactively recommending actions, Max is your personal virtual assistant.

Max Devices Interface Accessibility

Available Anytime, Anywhere

Interact with Max through text, touch, or voice giving you a natural, engaging experience. And Max operates in the space and time that works for you… when you’re driving, in home, or on the go.

Max Gets Even Smarter With Apttus Machine Learning

Max can also access Apttus’ machine learning to enhance the Quote-to-Cash process in unprecedented ways. Examples include:

  • • Comparing customer and sales histories to gain insights that help your sales organization rapidly create winning quotes
  • • Creating and notifying your sales force of new opportunities
  • • Using Max to provide discounting guidance in the sales process, from initial to walk-away discounts
  • • Reducing delays in the quoting, pricing, and contracting approval process using Max’s pattern recognition capability

“Conversational systems will upend the interaction model from technology-literate people to people-literate technology.”

-Brian Burke, etal., Gartner
Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017: Conversational Systems

The world’s leading information technology research and advisory company agrees, conversations will fundamentally change the working relationship between people and technology.

Customer Success Comes Easy With Apttus Quote-to-Cash Applications

Apttus has again pushed the software industry forward by pioneering new ways for its customers to interact with business software and manage their revenue operations.

The Apttus Intelligent Cloud combines process-based applications including Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Contracts, E-Commerce, Billing and Order Management, with behavioral applications to align and drive revenue winning behaviors across all sales channels. Apttus applications can be further enhanced with machine learning to recommend relevant, intelligent actions and accessed using Max, making the Quote-to-Cash process simpler than ever before. Apttus provides your organization with an unbelievably powerful solution that will reinvent the way you drive revenue, engage with customers, and grow your business.

With Apttus you’ll be optimizing every deal, in any sales channel, to deliver on your revenue goals in a far superior way compared to your competition.

This is Intelligent Quote-to-Cash.

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