Promotions Management

Drive Multi-Channel Promotions to Increase Top-Line Revenue

Apttus Promotions Management Software in the Incentive Management suite manages, executes and optimizes sales promotions to influence the behavior and actions of your customers and channel partners. It is integrated with Apttus Configure Price Quote and Apttus E-Commerce to enable promotional programs across all sales channels – direct, partners and e-commerce. Run multiple promotional strategies with flexibility and speed, support omni-channel strategies and gain real-time visibility into promotion performance. Apttus Promotions Management enables companies to identify the most effective promotions by analyzing programs using A/B testing and make on-the-fly adjustments to optimize the yield on each campaign.

Apttus Promotions Management screen shot

Key Benefits of Promotions Management

  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value:
    Increase customer loyalty and create targeted upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Improve Customer ROI:
    Quickly deploy solution, integrate with Apttus Quote-to-Cash solutions and drive fast user adoption with intuitive user experience.
  • Accelerate Revenue & Growth:
    Increase average deal size and promote high-margin products.

Promotions Management Key Capabilities

  • Customer Motivation:
    Promotions are designed to drive behavior at the time of sale by conveying potential savings – an incentive that can lead to the actual purchase.
  • Business User Administration:
    User experience that makes building and maintaining program rules and constraints easy and efficient.
  • Rules & Eligibility:
    Define complex promotional programs using multiple strategies. Limits, combination rules and eligibility constraints can all be tracked and applied.
  • Modeling & Insight:
    Visibility to promotion performance. Test potential impact of different programs prior to activation.