Incentive Compensation Management

Improves performance by integrating rebates, promotions & incentives

What is Incentive Compensation?

Apttus Incentive Compensation is an enterprise solution that enables organizations to design and execute strategic sales incentive programs (commissions, bonuses, SPIFFs, contests, etc.) that align sales behaviors with organizational goals. Apttus embeds sales incentives throughout revenue-driving business processes. Built on the Apttus Intelligent Cloud™, Apttus Incentive Compensation facilitates management and execution of simple to complex incentive programs that target optimal selling behaviors and directly impact revenue.

The Benefits of Apttus Incentive Compensation Management Software

Apttus Incentive Compensation – Provide Sales Leadership with Real-Time Visibility to Performance

Improve Go-to-Market Execution

Tightly align organizational goals with sales execution through strategic sales incentive Compensation Management programs. Coordinate incentives across all sales employees and partner sellers. Quickly adjust incentive programs as market and business needs change, keeping your sales organization as effective as possible.

Increase Operational Efficiencies With Incentive Compensation Managment

Reduce manual errors, consolidate systems and decrease processing times. Maximize the efforts of the business while becoming less reliant on IT. Collect, transform, validate and tag transactional data from any source system. Easily make adjustments and track changes with an auditable history.

Apttus Incentive Compensation – Manage and Adjust Compensation Plans with Intuitive User Interface
Apttus Incentive Compensation – Provide Interactive Visibility to Sales Performance and Earnings

Drive Revenue and Margin

With Apttus Incentive Management, your Exec team can focus the actions and behaviors of sellers on the right deals and customers. Estimate potential payouts in real-time at the time of selling. Motivate sales with visibility to performance, attainment, earnings and payments.

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Preparing Incentive Programs for the New Revenue Recognition Standards

ASC 606/IFRS 15 are new accounting standards that guide alignment on how companies recognize revenue from contracts with customers. Commission expenses associated with contracts must now be capitalized and amortized in alignment with the timing of revenue as earned. Design incentive programs that encourage behaviors that accelerate revenue recognition and align with your corporate strategy.

ASC 606 Demo

Quote-to-Cash solves ASC 606 Compliance

Revenue Recognition

ASC 606 Compliance with Apttus Quote-to-Cash
The Apttus Approach to Incentive Compensation Management

A Holistic Approach to Managing Sales Incentives

Apttus takes a holistic approach to managing sales incentives. Every company has unique sales incentive programs and needs. However, certain requirements are universally essential.

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Drive Sales Performance with Sales Incentives & Configure Price Quote

Maximize revenue potential and increase deal velocity with Apttus Incentive Compensation and Apttus Configure Price Quote. See potential commission payouts in real-time while configuring quotes. Motivate sales with instant visibility into performance, attainment and earnings. Align omni-channel strategies with incentive programs for direct sellers and channel partners.

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Apttus Configure Price Quote

Apttus Incentive Compensation – Estimate Earnings from a Quote, Opportunity or Cart
Apttus Incentive Compensation – CRM-Agnostic Solution

CRM-Agnostic Incentive Compensation Management

Powered by the Apttus Intelligent Cloud, organizations can utilize Apttus Incentive Compensation to drive sales performance regardless of the customer relationship management (CRM) software they use. Apttus Incentive Compensation can be accessed within any of the world’s most popular CRM solutions including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Solutions for the Entire Organization

Persona_CLM_SalesAlign Sales Behaviors and Drive Results

Sales leadership’s goal is to inspire performance and drive results. In order to do this, leadership needs the tools and plans to properly align sales behaviors with organizational objectives. To be effective, a solution needs to empower sales managers to motivate the right behaviors, coach towards better results and quickly adjust/augment behaviors as needs arise.

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quote-to-cash-solutions-sales-operationsProactively Manage and Execute Incentive Programs

Sales Operations and/or Compensation Managers need to be able to quickly and accurately design, build, model and adjust incentive plans. They are under constant pressure to avoid over/under payments and maintain the trust of sales teams. With the right solution in place, sales ops can add strategic value to organizations by providing insight into compensation expenditures and recommendations on optimal changes that drive better results.

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quote-to-cash-solutions-financeControl Expenses and Mitigate Risk

Finance leaders want visibility and control of compensation expenditures. They want to mitigate risk, increase accuracy and ensure compliance. With a centralized incentive compensation solution, finance leadership can make better strategic decisions, design more accurate forecasts, and monitor the performance of all incentive-related expenses.

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quote-to-cash-solutions-financeInspire Performance and Retain Top Talent

HR teams want to inspire performance not just in sales, but in all employees. HR needs the right systems to help retain top talent by incenting and rewarding them appropriately.

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Persona_CLM_ITIntegrate with Existing Solutions

IT’s goal is to support business users while simultaneously finding ways to add strategic value to the organization. IT needs solutions that are quick to implement, easy to integrate with existing environments, and relatively maintenance-free.

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