Complete Price Management

Pricing Excellence that Increases Revenue and Margins

Apttus empowers complete price management for enterprises.

Apttus provides multiple options for product, service, and subscription pricing including price ramps, tiers, and attribute and usage-based pricing models and more.

Super-charge pricing power with data-driven machine intelligent pricing. Gain control over discounting with multi-dimensional parameters for deal approvals and adjustment terms including percent and amount off, mark-ups, and overrides.

Sales Ops, Pricing, and Deal Desks set prices, configure pricing logic, rules, and discount and deal guidance for accurate quoting and sales negotiations.

And, Apttus gives you the most options to analyze prices, revenue and margins with out-of-the-box charting and dashboards, and, Apttus X-Author for Excel, the made-in-heaven marriage of Microsoft Excel and Salesforce.

Key Advanced Pricing Capabilities

  • Advanced Approvals
    Automate special pricing requests and all workflows and approvals for deal desks/price desks.
  • Attribute Based Pricing:
    Create any type of pricing structure of products options and sub-options
  • Contract Pricing:
    Manage and enforce terms and commitments and reference pricing documented in contracts to guide how deals are structured and discounted.
  • Deal Guidance:
    Provide pricing guidance based on rules and/or machine learning
  • Formula Based Pricing:
    Easily define pricing using formulas.
  • Machine Learning Pricing Intelligence:
    Leverage machine learning to provide data-driven prescriptive pricing.
  • Segment Based Pricing:
    Easily define pricing by segments
  • Usage Based Pricing:
    Easily define pricing by usage
  • Rebates:
    Easily roll-out, monitor and pay rebates to your partners and customers
  • Renewal Pricing:
    Automate renewals by automatically incorporating set pricing
  • Cost-to-Serve:
    Manage expansion and promotion of channels more effectively with lower cost-to-serve
  • Pocket Price & Pocket Margin:
    More easily identify costs at pocket level
  • Price Promotions:
    Boost deal size and velocity by running multiple promotional strategies across all your sales channels.