Deal Management

Raise Deal Quality and Streamline Selling

Apttus Deal Management incents sales teams to offer the optimum deal for the company by fast-tracking deals that meet the targeted mix of products, services discounts and commitments desired by the company – boosting revenue, shortening sales cycles and lowering risk.

Deal Management allows companies to define deal parameters – including discount level, product status, customer history and operational constraints – that should be considered in the deal review process to maximize company objectives like margins, profits, revenue and market share. For sales reps, visual indicators help them easily see how a proposed deal ranks against these parameters, what recommendations would improve the deal, and who would need to approve their deals. Adding recommended products or changing discount levels can change deal ratings and automatically bypass cumbersome approval processes if the deal has already been pre-determined as an optimal deal. By showing sales reps the path to optimal deals, Deal Management increases revenue and margins for the entire company.

Key Deal Management Capabilities

  • View Deal Ratings:
    Instantly see how deals rate against company goals
  • Price Waterfalls:
    Gain insight with real-time metrics
  • Visibility:
    See who needs to approve deals based on deal parameters
  • Conduct What-If Scenarios:
    Learn how changing deal parameters will impact ratings and approvals
  • Define Multiple Criteria:
    Calculate preference levels for deals
  • Compatibility:
    Integrate with third-party scoring engines